Guys With Highlights In Their Hair ?

  1. Guys with highlights in their hair ,is it in or out for you ?

    :tup: In/ Do

    :tdown: Out/ Don't
  2. i don't really like it - i don't want a guy to spend more money on personal care than i do! most guys have short hair, as well, so it seems like kind of a waste, and kind of vain.
  3. I don't seems kind of - wrong...

    so :tdown: from me!
  4. No, but definetely not a problem with me. I finally convinced SO to use conditioner which was a huge step!
  5. Subtle highlights are flattering to all hair, male and female. :tup:

    I can deal with a guy with highlights more than I can a girl with the '80s porn queen bleached blonde color job.

  6. being a hair stylist, i'm a little biased! i would say :tup: [ ive totally talked bfs into highlights, lol! ] .. just as long as the boy isn't more high maintence then me! :biggrin:
  7. My BF dyes his hair about once a month. He highlights occasionally, maybe three times a year. I have no problem with him highlighting. He'd look good no matter what he does to his head.
  8. I don't like it!
  9. lol. This is one of my no no's on a guy. If he has high lites--he's GOT TO GO!!!!
  10. I don't have a problem with this but if he borrows my lipstick, he is so outta there!
  11. Out...big time. I was never a fan of guys with them. :tdown:
  12. I think it depends, really artificial looking highlights don't look good on men (as seen on overy tanned bodybuilders with a LOT of gel in their hair >_<), but a natural hair colour looks good on anyone even with highlights.
  13. I don't like it if it's too obvious.... strange, I do like metrosexuals ... but the ones with the obviously highlighted hair scare me. I know they spend a lot of money on that, but it's too peacocky for me....
  14. Big don't for me even it looks natural. I can't take the image of seeing my BF in the salon with foil on his head.
  15. Nah....I don't like it. I like a natural, rugged guy. Not a pretty boy....