Guys with exotic birkins

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  1. Hi

    I am wondering other than Pharrel (sp?), does any guys on the forum carry exotic birkins or know of any guys that do? (It was all Sakara54's reveal that got me daydreaming :-p)

    I would like to hear people's thoughts on this and whether they would go for the matte or shiny finish. If anyone has modeling shots, that will be fantastic as well! :nuts:

    Lastly, I would imagine that it will be difficult to find a HAC40 or 40/50 in exotic?! Is exotic typically heavier or lighter?

  2. Large croc bags are VERY hard to find because of the availabilty of BIG crocs!!
  3. Pharrell ordered his purple croc from the Paris workshop from what I remember from the magazine.
    for a man, I think matte finish would be less flashy

    I tried a croc 35 before and it is surprisingly light weight.
  4. as far as I know, there's no tPF male member with an exotic birkin. last time I heard, lecolquitt is still waiting for his ostrich HAC/Birkin (not sure).

    But you can read this thread about our discussion when a 40 croc HAC popped on eBay:

    MattNY and Allrvj. This one's for you!

    Btw, a similar 40 croc HAC appeared during the last Artcurial auction. I don't know how much it went for.
  5. allanrvj,

    thanks! i think that bag is still on ebay! :shrugs: i guess it is a bit "pricey" although from your thread, it is "cheaper" now than before. there were a couple of other color ones listed on ebay at significnatly lower prices but not a big fan of the lighter browns. but i just saw pictures of jaegerhomme's kelly pochette in matte havane niloticus (the pictures look black but i think it is a very dark black/brown, right?) and that color is TDF! i think i've seen the same skin for a smaller size Lindy and did wonder if it will look just as fabulous in a 40HAC...:idea:
  6. And there's a pic somewhere (Socialites?) of that dude with the Blue (Roi?) croc and the too short pants and the white socks... you know the one?? :P
  7. [​IMG]
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    I'm sorry, but I think Pharrell looks fairly ridiculous with his purple croc (I love the color, but on him, it just looks far too bling-ed out)

    For men, I prefer a matte finish and in darker colors.
    For my men, I prefer they not carry any exotics and leave them to me instead :biggrin:
  9. i love matte croc on men. and no ridiculous colours please.
  10. ^^ I hope you're kidding, because I won't sell any part of my body for that. It's just a bag. :shrugs:

  11. I need all my organs for my self, but equally as much I do need a croc HAC : tup:

    In black shiny croc. Shiny is so special IMO!
  12. hmm... I think the right man can definitely pull off a large exotic birkin.. I think Pharrell's fits him bc anyone that knows his style/image knows that he is all about "urban luxe." In terms of finishes- i don't think shiny is necessarily feminine, it all depends on the person's style and preference. Go for it Hanyeu!
  13. My first reaction would be exotic verges on the ridiculous and vulgar for a man, straight gay or bi, in the Kelly, Birkin or HAC no matter how large....and shiny??!! Really??!! Maybe a Sac a Depeche in croc...
    Exotic feels nouveau-riche and very pre-melt down....BUT Jeffrey Kalinsky carries it off in his picture here I have to admit though seeing it in action may be a different story....I like my men to be men even if they are me old-fashioned.