Guys with 40 HAC

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  1. Hi all i know there are a few male members here, would anybody please be kind enough to show me some pictures of a guy carrying a 40cm HAC? For the past few weeks i have been thinking about the 50cm Birkin but they really are big and heavy for day to day bags so i am starting to conceder the HAC.
    I am thinking maybe graphite would make it look masculine and i love the fjord leather but have not seen it in graphite yet.
    Thanks for any replys and help you may be able to give me.
  2. Here is a pic of me with mine. It is Black Fjord with Palladium Hardware. I think the bag is very masculine, actually. I cannot really imagine a woman carrying one on a daily basis, it is too large and heavy. Fjord is not available in Graphite, but the Black reads a bit more like charcoal because of the texture.

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  3. Gorgeous bag, castorny. You carry it so well!
  4. ITA! That is one beautiful bag!
  5. And this is luxury-zurich with his vintage HAC. I think it's 40 cm.


    I think he sold this one, non?
  6. Thank you Mistikat and Julide.
  7. Thank you all for your replies. Castorny, i have to agree with the others you carry that bag really well and it suits you. I totally understand it does look very masculine i think being a slightly longer shape then the birkin helps with this and also the darker colours do. Can i ask do you use your daily or do you use it for travel?
  8. castorny, that is one lovely look. If I see you on the streets I'll follow you just to see more of that bag!
  9. The HAC is a man's was made for men and looks wonderful and handsome. Nothing girl about it..the HAC 40cm is Butch for sure :o) The handles are thicker than the 40cm Birkin much more suited to man hands... Best of luck!
  10. Great bag!
  11. I am going crazy after spending a few days on here learning about leathers and colour every thing i look at i think that colour is like... i wonder what that colour will look like on a bag or a wallet!
    Now i have to save save save for a HAC 40 i had my mind made up for a birkin 50 but thanks to the people here i feel i have made the right choice in deciding the HAC
  12. I use the HAC 40 as an everyday bag. I think it would only work for a short weekend trip as a travel bag. Everyday for me really means gym bag/tote. It easily fits sneakers, gym clothes, toiletries and everything else you need for the day. There is still enough room that if I make a few small purchases, I just toss them in my HAC and skip the shopping bags.
  13. ^ Mr. "Luxury-Zurich" looks great with his HAC. :smile:
  14. empaulio - there is a beautiful 40cm HAC appeared last week in Manchester......I love my (35) HAC - there are quite a few comparisson threads of HAC versus birkin. It has a "lengthening" effect on the body compared to the Birkin which you cant beat.
    And I have to say you chaps look magnificent!

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  15. hi empaulio, i saw a beautiful 40HAC in maron fonce fjord with GHW at Wall St. last thursday, it was USD9850 plus tax. it was just simply stunning. if i hadn't just purchased my 50cm graphite birkin, i would deinitely grab this beauty. less than 5 minutes of me viweing the bag, it was sold to someone over the phone.

    the Wall St. boutique also has a 32HAC in curry and a 36HAC in lagon if you're interested. i'm not sure if they're sold yet!