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  1. I heard people say its a fake site.. But it seems so legit, read there FAQ.. :confused1::confused1: but then again its seems fishy real fishy.....:shrugs:
    La Perle
  2. I am talking to the the LIVE chat right now
  3. IT looks impossible to be real!! look at the prices
  4. You should know only eluxury sells authentic's fake darling no matter what they say..
  5. The prices are too good to be true! Fake!! Buy from e-luxury.
  6. La perle is the new BERGACCI.
    they sell 100% first class Fake.
    Vlad has a thread about it.
  7. Only two websites in the world sell new, authentic Louis Vuitton -- and

    ALL others are scammers selling fakes.
  8. OMG i jsut finished talking with them this what they said

    diana g: do you ship from china

    You are now speaking with Craig of LaPerle Support.
    Craig: Hello diana g, my name is Craig. How can i help you today ?
    Craig: diana g, please hold on a moment while I look that up for you.
    diana g: is your bags 100% authentic

    Craig: takes great pride in offering only authentic designer merchandise. Your order comes with all the tags, serial numbers, authenticity cards and dust bags. has never sold, nor will we ever sell, second hand, faux, used or damaged merchandise. Each bag comes to you exactly as you would receive it in a boutique or department store.
    Craig: Each product displayed on our website is accompanied by tags, serial numbers, authenticity cards and dust bags. These items are exactly as you would receive from your local boutique or department store, but brought to you on with a savings of up to 70% off.
    diana g: did this site own bergacci in the past

    diana g:

    Craig: no i do not know
    diana g: i heard alot of people say this website sells fakes
    Craig: i never heard
    Craig: i do not know
    diana g: so if i take the bags to LV thay will say its real

    Craig: ya sure
    Craig: they will
    diana g: ok i will make my order now

    diana g: but where do you ship from

    Craig: Shipment origin varies from order to order and is determined by stock availability, customer zone proximity and seasonal promotions and sales. Orders are shipped from our locations worldwide. Occasionally orders are shipped cross-continental. All orders are delivered within the time frame of your requested shipping method.
    diana g: so which country do you mostly ship from

    diana g: and where is this site located, i would like to buy alot and resell on eBay, since they are 70% off

    diana g: and on eBay they can sell for alot

    Craig: We are located in memphis, Tennessee-USA
    diana g: wow

    diana g: how come you dont ship from there

    diana g: is the LV factory overseas

    Craig: i donot know
    diana g: or the other factories

    diana g: Do you offer wholesale prices

    diana g: i would like to buy many

    diana g: if they are real

    Craig: no
    Craig: we wont
    diana g: its ok

    Craig: diana g, do you have any other questions that I can help you with?
    diana g: no thats it thanks

    Craig: Goodbye Have a great time.
    Your party has left this session.

    WOWWW!! they are such liars, and can someone post the thread talking about them..
  9. Way to cut'n'paste, there, "Craig."
  10. :yes:
    To the OP, is this where your gifts came from? If so, your friend needs to try & put a stop to his credit charges.

  11. :yes: :yes: ..where did your gifts from??

    I still want to see your miroir alma..
  12. Liza, you've already had one thread of yours closed because of a fake bag. Seems you're pushing your luck. JMHO
  13. Oh.. okayy what is that supposed to mean.. MY bag was a gift.. How was i supposed to know its fake.. Its people on the Pf that can help me know what is real or not.. And i came across this site, just to be safe i wanted help.. thanks
  14. If you need a mod or admin to tell you, then so be it.

    Bergacci is fake. Any Web site claiming to sell new, authentic Louis Vuitton, with the exception of E-Luxury is fake.

    Case closed. Please do not start threads regarding authenticity of Web sites claiming to sell authentic LV. Post all authenticity questions in the "Authenticate this Louis Vuitton" thread in the LV Shopping subforum.
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