Guys, what are these...???

  1. Please enlighten me what is Miss Johansson modelling?
  2. That is the Trompe L'Oeil Pochette and the Trompe L'Oeil Le Fabuleux.

    Pochette- $1,460
    Trocadero- $3,200
    Le Fabuleux- $6,450
    L'Ingenieux- $5,400

    Outside is textile, lining is veal, trimming is alligator and cow.

    Time of last sale: March 2005
  3. le fab and pochette from the trompe l'oeil line.
  4. Thanks. That is Scarlett right?
  5. ^^ don't think so. she was this year's face, not sure who that is. maybe i'm wrong. but yup that's 2004 trompe l'oeil le fabuleux and pochette. le fab was $6450 and pochette was $1460.
  6. ^ they have used scarlett before yes it's her, I think she's the Vuitton favourite