guys... what are all these invisible bags that cost 5k each?

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  1. Wow, that's . . . weird. I emailed the seller asking what was for sale. Wonder what her response will be . . .
  2. Maybe they are just pending and did it to take advantage of 10cent listing day? Thats the only thing I can think of!
  3. maybe she does that and has frineds use BIN and leave her positive feedback. That increases her positive feedback % and makes her a powerseller as well.:rolleyes:
  4. ^People are so corrupt... :yucky:
  5. I bet this is it.

    $5000 is a lot of final value fees to pay for positive feedback.

  6. corrupt...
  7. Wow, that's horrible

    I hope no one bids!
  8. I emailed the seller and she confirmed that she just threw up a bunch of listings to take advantage of 10 cent listing day, she said she'll be filling them with "great stuff" and to check her feedback and bid with confidence. She seemed very above-the-board to me.
  9. That's funny! At least the sellers' legit.
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