Guys + Tokidoki

  1. I know alot of you have DH's that are willing to supress their manliness and sport tokidoki to make you happy. Some like it, some just don't care. My bf has an Adios Star Hoody that he loves, but whenever i try to talk to him about bags for him he thinks i'm crazy.

    So, do your guys like tokidoki? Do they have any items for themselves? If you have pics please post them!!
  2. My boyfriend thinks the whole bag thing is crazy, but he does have a toki shirt, an AS necklace, an AS belt buckle and had an iSkin but his sister stole it lol....but that's about it.
  3. My boyfriend thinks tokidoki is for girls and that I'm a nutbag. But a male co-worker really likes toki and pretends to steal my bags all the time. i keep trying to get him to just buy one...hah
  4. My bf has an AS belt buckle that I bought him for his b-day. And there are a couple of shirts he's interested in but....he's just not there yet! Oh! My brother has a Cammo Black Scuola and he's on the hunt for a Tutti
  5. my bf is too big for a scuola. he said he'd carry a backpack, but i told him scuola was the only real backpack they make and he made a funny face. i tried pushing corriere as well but "he doesn't wear across-the-body bags"

    boys are so picky
  6. heheh my boyfriend thought the tokidoki foresta print was so cute! he bought me one of those little waist pouches (i refuse to call them fanny packs!).

  7. I totally agree with you!!!:yes:
  8. Yeah, my hubby thinks I'm a nutbag too. He'd never be caught dead in anything Tokidoki!! End of story.
  9. YEAH! *HIGHFIVES* hehe. So, how do we convince your hubby & my boyfriend that they're wrong?
  10. :huh:Ermmm ... I think I'd be a little creeped out if my hubby started wearing Tokis. :weird:
  11. Heehee. My hubby has a pirata denaro...he loves it! He also has an adios hoody, adios necklace and the green tokidoki watch with nana star face. He really likes tokidoki but only goes for the more "manly" stuff for himself. LOL! But I'm sooo lucky cuz he loves how much tokidoki makes me happy and he likes searching for the perfect bags and stalking all the macy's here with me...he is my partner in tokidoki crime! Plus when he went to SDCC he hooked me up with sooo much tokidoki stuff and got it all signed by Simone.
  12. Well, my hubby won't wear it himself, but this weekend we ARE going Toki hunting!! :yahoo:Yay!! I'm so happy, I may actually see Tokis IRL!! FINALLY!! I've called around to every possible retailer and I think I found some! :nuts:
  13. ahahahah! really? I think everyone should wear tokis. :biggrin:
  14. well, I've been wanting to get my DH a tshirt, but there are limited funds and they are going to MY toki stuff lately.. hehe! :p plus most of the guys shirts are the girls, and I'm not huge on the girls...

    and DH makes soooooooooooooo much fun of me and my toki collection (although I think he is secretly sorta amazed and proud of it) he CAN'T buy his own tokidoki w/o totally losing face w/me and all our friends... hehe. :rolleyes:
  15. what about the nuvola? :smile: