Guys please be honest with eBay Feedback

  1. I just left a negative for a NPB who has a 100% feedback on her score. I just looked thru goofbay to find, that she has a lovely history of bidding on auctions and not paying. Seems that the sellers just don't want to deal with a Retaliation and never leave the appropriate feedback. If more people were honest and gave others a heads up, we could kick off a lot of NPB on eBay. I am sure she will neg me, but I would rather be honest with feedback left than nothing at all. This is so frustrating!
  2. The feedback system is not working, as we all know.

    I once bought a set of vintage coloured glass. The the seller was so stupid, she wrapped it in newspaper and a plastic bucket and one glass was broken on arrival, of course. I didn't leave a negative because I knew she would retaliate and I didn't want to ruin my FB score.

    I have more stories of my not leaving negatives for NPBs... but I'll leave it at that.

    I know I'm wrong to not have the guts to leave the appropriate FB.

    ETA - When I'm angry, I don't leave any FB, it's not as if I will lie and leave a positive, but I know I'm wrong in being such a wimp.
  3. I'm exactly the same way! lol...I have dealt with alot of non paying bidders or sellers not shipping my items out. I just go ahead and file the disputes and block them off my list. I want to leave a negative feedback so bad, but I know they would just give me one back and I don't want to tarnish my 100% feedback. And I have 702 feedbacks:tup:.
  4. I am also one who doesn't leave any feedback if I am not satisfied. Wimpy, I know. My NPBs have become non-members as soon as they reneged.
  5. I always leave appropriate feedback for NPB's. I have one that is going to get a neg in two more days just as soon as the dispute time frame is up and, since it appears she is not going to respond, she will not be able to neg me in retaliation. Even if she could I would still neg her. I don't believe in letting deadbeat bidders get away with it.
  6. I leave accurate feedback in just about all cases. I honestly don't care if someone leaves me a retaliatory neg, though of course I try very hard to prevent situations like that from occurring if possible. Why don't I care? Because I believe that all but the most inexperienced eBayers would see right through a retaliatory neg, and take the time to actually check out the transaction for themselves.

    I have one piece of advice for people who don't want a neg from a SELLER: use a buying ID--if you're exclusively a buyer on that ID, no one *cares* if you have a neg from a stupid careless seller like that. If you don't sell on the ID with a negative, then why does it matter whether or not you have 100% FB?? I sure don't look at that as a seller, and neither would the vast majority of sellers. It's not like they are going to cancel your bid or refuse to sell to you because of a negative from a po'd seller who sent you stuff that was sure to be broken.

    As a buyer, I also don't care when I see a small percentage of negatives on a seller's record--anything around 99% for a seller (assuming they have hundreds of positives) makes me feel okay buying from them. If a seller has like 10 FB though, and one of them is a neg, even if that is just pure bad luck on their part, I'd avoid, because it's all about the percentages to me. That means 10% of their transactions were bad, as opposed to 1% of hundreds or thousands from a more established seller.

    So, I said all this to say: please, folks, leave accurate feedback for the benefit of the whole eBay community! I know it sounds communistic, LOL, but it really does help everyone else out.
  7. That is not true for me. I *care* if my potential buyers have negatives.
  8. You would care if your buyer had a neg that was clearly left in retaliation to one that they left for a good reason, like in the case of the careless seller who shipped fragile items unprotected?

    OK. Send em to me! LOL Or the thousands of other sellers who wouldn't care ;)
  9. It is not always evident that it is retaliatory feedback and I would not always have time to dig though two sides of feedback looking for what the real scenario might be. If bidders have more negs than I feel like dealing with, I cancel their bids.
  10. That's definitely your right to do that!

    I do sometimes take the time to dig, personally, since it takes like 30 seconds and a bird in the they say. But that's just me: I have a fairly laid back approach to most things like this.
  11. Nevermind...I answered my own question (I think!).
  12. You're right. The thing is, I initially wanted a higher rating, so I started buying with the same ID as selling, to get my FB score up. Then, if I asked a US seller if I could bid on a 'USA only' auction, they would be so charmed by my lovely FB rating, they would say "yes." And they did say "yes." ;)
  13. Well if I had waited until I filed the NPB, and she didn't respond, I could have left neg for her and her not me????

    I guess I was a little too jumpy and neg'd her without thinking about that. I really don't care. I have earned my perfect score, but once she neg's me, what possibly could she say that people would think I deserved it?
  14. Maybe she won't neg you? Some buyers admit they were in the wrong and do not leave anything retaliatory. When you looked through her history, did you check on the kind of feedback she leaves for others? Has she ever left a neg before?
  15. ^^^oh, the nasty ones could say things like cashed my MO but didn't ship, fraud, dishonest seller, blah blah blah. You can potentially get hit bad, that's why some people don't feel negative feedbacks.

    I do take time to go through the negs of my buyers and sellers. Sometimes I even compare the dates of when the negs are left. I mean, if a seller leaves a NPB neg first, then the buyer retorts with a fraud!!!! neg, I'll be more inclined to believe that the buyer is leaving a dishonest retaliatory neg, and I'll happily buy from the seller. Also, like Cynthia, I look at the percentages of negs too.