Guys owning LV Speedy 30 - Need ur opinions!

  1. Hello! I'm new to this forum and I really need ur comments & suggestions. :yes:

    I'm a 23 yr old male and I'm about to start a new job. I want to buy a new bag and I want my first LV! I hear from most people that ur first LV purchase should be a Speedy.

    Thus, I know it's a woman's bag but I want to get an LV Damier Canvas Speedy 30. I'm drawn to it because of the iconic shape as well as the classic print. Unlike the Monogram Canvas, the "masculine" print of the Damier Canvas neutralizes the "feminine" shape of the Speedy 30 (well, that's my opinion.)

    So what do you think? Should I go for it? All my friends say I dress and carry myself well. They also believe I can pull it off. Although I'm really in :heart: with the Speedy 30, I'm still having doubts.

    Please help!
  2. First and foremost, welcome to the PF! :smile:

    I would suggest not to get it since I see it more as a woman's bag, but feel free to get whatever YOU like. If you feel comfortable wearing it, then by all means rock that bag! ;)
  3. i'll take that into consideration. its just that i'm drawn to handheld bags (excluding briefcase- and messenger-style bags). :confused1: sigh. i'll wait for other ppl's thoughts.

    oops. sorry i used the wrong reply button. makes it more obvious i'm new here.
  4. coincidently I was reading my US Weekly yesterday, and there was a picture of Snoopy carrying a Damier Speedy, and honestly, it did not look "masculine" on a guy. I'll try to scan a picture for your visual.
  5. If I may give you my honest opinion, i'd say the speedy doesn't really cut it as a man's bag. How about the Broadway in Damier canvas instead? You can use it as a handheld bag too.

    just my 2 cents.:yes:
  6. i think the speedy looks better for men in the larger sizes. you could SO a damier 35 or 40. im a very small girl 5`2" and i have a 30 so on men it might look a bit small.
    alternatively i like the altona, it is a bit briefcasey though.
  7. Here's the pic:

  8. I don't like the damier speedy at all, not on women, and not on men....:shrugs:
    Also, i don't think it's really "classic" because the Speedy is just a derivation of the Keepall which imo is classic and would suit a guy better.
  9. is the damier speedy available in 35 or 40? i thought it only went up to 30. thanx for ur reply :smile:
  10. new to this also!!. anyways well im a 19 year old male and i own a speedy 40 and a speedy 30 wich I LOVE! i carry my with a strap so I can wear it like a messer or just carry it. So if you really like the bag i say WHY NOT!:graucho: who cares ITS LOUIS any way..
  11. i owned a damier speedy 30 and im a 21yo guy.and that was my first LV.i love evrything about it. the important part of buying it is not the fact that its womens bag but whether u look good in the mirror holding it urself (thts my personal opinion).

  12. thanx! i really appreciate hearing from a guy who has this bag. i feel better now with regards to buying it cuz i really love the damier speedy 30! :smile:
  13. it only goes up to a 30 but you could special order it in a bigger size.
  14. I agree too! Like John said, if you can rock it, then go for it! :smile:
  15. Yes, if you can make it work then more power to you! I am also an LV guy and have a Damier Dorsoduro (no longer made). What about the Damier Naviglo as your your first bag?