Guys/Men’s Chanel Club

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  1. Although Chanel does not come to mind when you think of menswear, they do make some great things for guys. I would love to have a thread full of guys with their Chanel showing us all how its done! i will post my cardigan soon :smile:
  2. Since I've been looking forever, is the cardigan a mens cardigan or tailored womens one? Also if you don't mind me asking, how much was it? Feel free to pm me if you do not want to post! :biggrin: I can't wait to see!
  3. It is a mens one from 2007, they generally sell for around the same as womens, except karl doesnt design them very often, i think prefall 2011 was the last collection to have one, a chunkey green cashmere one
  4. Hey all!

    To all my men and gender nonconforming peeps out there wearing Chanel, this is a space for you to show off your bags, mods pics, and all things Chanel.

    It’s time for one.

    I just purchased my first Chanel! Super pumped.
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  5. Is yours the wallet or keyholder?

    These are my only two Chanels for now.

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  6. Have you searched? We have guys posting in here relatively often :yes:

  7. Indeed! I did. Figured it would be great to have a thread for it.
  8. Correct me if I am wrong, but I never found a "guys with Chanel" thread after all these years? Hermes has one and it's been constantly updated. I have seen so many nice photos with guys showing off their incredible Hermes finds. I know Chanel is also popular among guys, especially after Pharrell Williams became an ambassador...... so let make this thread a thing?
  9. I agree this is a great idea!
  10. Yeah, excellent idea. Before my boy-purchase I researched this forum and didn‘t really find many posts from Chanel guys. Will posts pics later.

    For starters: what got you all into Chanel?
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    For me, it was maybe 5 years ago when I spotted a young woman with a dark brown 227 aged calf reissue paired with a super casual outfit.

    I always admired their tweed fabrics but as a man I couldn’t exactly wear their clothes so their leather goods was my way in the door.
    Soon after I downloaded the Chanel app and searched for my ideal bag while looking at what was available with each season.

    After 3 years Chanel released my ideal bag and I called all the stores in my country to track down the only one allotted to Canada.
  12. ^ Please bless us with a picture of that very special bag!
  13. I don’t have any recent photos but I’ll take a mod shot to give a better idea of it. I just have this picture I took last year while admiring it.

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  14. I look forward to the mod shots from everyone!
  15. Mod shot from 10 minutes ago.

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