Guys make my head HURT!

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  1. Ok, if you're not in the mood for a 19 year old with guy problems, don't read. :P As some of you may remember, I was feeling that the guy that I liked was being kind of two faced. Well, come Tuesday, I don't see him in class. Classes ends and I go to the computer lab with my friend, the same one from the coffee shop incident. Before I go in, my phone is ringing. So, I pick it up and start talking. Rich comes in and see her and is all nice. I'm a bit annoyed. So, he starts talking to me and I say hold on and finish my phone call. He starts talking to me. I say you got home work to do (because missed assignments in class have to be made up). He asks what it was and since it was a 3 hour class, it a lot. So, he goes can you help me? I say sure when? He says he's not sure when and jots down his email address and say to email him when I have time. He then says do you wanna get something to eat. I say no, I don't like eating with people who smoke. (OK, I was being b*tchy because he wasn't bringing up what happened :sad:) Me and my friend go to the lab and she starts checking her myspace. (I don't have one). She goes what was Rich's addy? I say why? She goes I wanna see if he has a myspace. So, I give it to her, and :nuts: You should have seen his myspace! :wtf: It was very immature with comments that implied to me and her that he is just a DOG! It seems he is only looking for one thing. Then the pictures, they all had different girls and him doing just crazy things. I have to say, I really think he's playing Mr. Nice Guy to my face to get into my pants. What do you guys think? Do you think I'm taking things out of context?
  2. In my honest opinion, I think you should run the other way! I know a lot of people say Myspace is just a stupid website where people can play around and do stupid things, but I honestly think people use Myspace to express their "true self" with the excuse that Myspace is a joke. My exboyfriend used to do that all the time. His Myspace page made him out to be a dog, and he would always use the excuse that it was "only myspace." But in real life, he was a dog!!
  3. Thanks for your advice. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't being too harsh.
  4. If you see what you don't like, run. I'm sure you know already what to do and what's best for you. :yes:
  5. Thank you. I just wanted to make sure I was not being judgemental or making a bad choice.
  6. Yes, he just wants to get in your pants. Sorry to be so harsh but it's the truth. While your running the other way you just might run in to a great guy:graucho:
  7. TRUE!!!
  8. Thank you. I hope I do run into a great guy. :yes:
  9. Agrees totally
  10. in the future can you make it more than one paragraph thanks...good luck
  11. Ewww run away purselova run away!
  12. you will meet someone better! =)