Guys, I'm sad.

  1. So I finally, after 2 (or 3) years of searching, I finally found a page of Bella boots in my size!! I didn't get them when they first came out because they were still expensive and I used to be heavier, so most boots wouldn't zip for me. I was ecastic, and the seller (who was really nice) was letting them go for $150. I finally made it over to her place to pick them up tonight (she lives in NJ so I figured I might as well just go over there instead of paying for shipping), got them, and I was in the car with my mom and I decided to try them on. AND THEY WOULDN'T ZIP!! My calves are too muscular from dancing and they wouldn't zip up all the way :crybaby:But the seller was nice enough to let me bring them back to her place. I'm just so sad, I've been looking for these boots for so long, they were a good price, and they had to not fit.

    Although I guess this is a sign that the money from the shoes should be put towards a Speedy, lol!
  2. I feel for you. I too have muscular calves and right now my knee high boots from last season that were wide width dont fit

    I just lost a ebay auction for a clutch I have been yearning to get for a couple of years
  3. I have always had heavy calves and wide feet. I don't even bother with nice boots. I think the last pr I had were Fryes in the mid 70's.
  4. Awwwww. Sorry they don't fit. :sad:
  5. aw. i'm sorry. :sad:
    at least you have MUSCLE! think positive!
  6. Thanks guys, I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one that has problems with boots.

    Haha, yea, kallison, that's true- my calves are the one part of me that I like. I just thought that now that I lost some weight, I could finally buy cute boots. Although I figured I could get leather boots since those stretch, except I'm not getting them off of Ebay- I'll get them at the store.
  7. Have you tried JCrew or Ann Taylor online. Thats where I got my wide calf ones from. They fitted me until I put on 30lbs so they should work for you if you've been losing weight
  8. This site was in a previous thread. I saved it in my favorite places...maybe you can find something you like on this site.

    Specialists in knee length calf fitting leather boots for women | DUO boots

    I have the opposite problem. Since I have big feet, the calf size is always too big. Why couldn't I be a size 8??

    Hoodsterr I'm from SI too.:yes: I'm sorry to hear that you are sad.:sad:
  9. See I've tried wide calf boots before, from Torrid, and they were huge. I'm just sad because I've loved these boots ever since they came out, and now that I finally found them, I can't wear them. Anyway, I'm sure that if I just search, I'll find boots that fit me well, I even have a mid-calf pair from Payless that I bought for work that zip up fine, so I think it just depends on the brand.

    L_Rod, that's cool, what part? I live in New Dorp, right by NDHS.
  10. ugh i hate that!! lol =.= that really sucks!! i'd probably force it ON LOL.
  11. maybe it just wasn't meant to be...

    it might have been that one pair. you know how you can try on the same pair of jeans (same size and style) and one will fit completely different than the others? maybe that's what happened.
  12. I can't wear boots that high up either my calves are too big, always have been even when I was a size 2...weird! Beautiful shoes, but now you'll get your speedy even sooner.
  13. Oh dear!!! I'm so sorry for your disappointment!! That just means there's something better for you somewhere!!! :yes: :heart:
  14. oh sweetie, I'm so sorry. I have big feet AND calves (well, muscular ), so I completely understand! You'll find that perfect pair, though.
  15. Hey, I'm exactly the same way. My brother got the skinny little chicken legs and I got the big muscular ones! I know it can be really really annoying. But, if you like the look of slouchy boots...they don't even have to be really slouchy, but just a bit of a give, they'll fit perfect. I have a pair I got when I was 18 and I'm still wearing them now at 21! But totally get a Speedy first!!! Then find come sweet boots to match!