Guys, i wanna buy a j12 but hesitated to buy it online!

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  1. Hey guys im new my name is ryan its lovely to be part of this forum.

    okay the deal is, i desperately want a j12 watch in black 38mm just the plain one!! i live in europe and here the watch costs 3.500 euro @ the chanel boutique. , online.. it costs 3.444 us dolaar which comes down to 2100 euro!! the difference is majorr!! and i do wanna buy it but im afraid something is gonna go wrong.. if i buy it @ the chanel boutique my warranty will be through there and through the net id have to send it back and forth if something does happen. but the price difference on the other hand is incredibly big!!! has anyone ordered with jomashop before?

    im a guy, whats better, black or white? i mean white is more showy but black is timeless and goes with everything right you guys?

    anyway give me some advice fabulous new friends of mine!! thanks!:tup::police:
  2. Black is better for men.

    I would be hesistant to buy online too.
  3. i know im gonna go with black ive decided..

    now im not gonna order with jomashop anymore ive read that theyre not very reliable. where else could i order a j12 out of us for that dollarprice? if i call a chanel boutique in new york do they ship overseas? i mean i can go to a chanel boutique here but it just hurts my heart to pay 1400 euro more when i know i can get it for a better price because the u.s dollar is soo low now..

    advice needed guys!!!
  4. Ouch, don't remind us that the US dollar is so low ;) LOL

    I would try calling a Chanel boutique or maybe a Saks that can ship it to you internationally. Definitely get it here if you can for a lower price vs. Europe.

    I also vote for the black. My BF has a J12 Chrono in black, and he LOVES it. White is good too, but we had another thread recently, and a few members added that white is fine on a guy, but be prepared to see a lot of women with it... good luck!
  5. I think black is sexier on men!
  6. GUYS IT IS POSSIBLE through the chanel boutique in new york!! its 4100 dollar there and from tomorrow on theyre having a price increase which comes down to 4500 dollars!! is this true or was she just trying to push me to buy the watch??!

    at least the warranty is international!

  7. I wouldn't doubt it... there have been rumors of price increases all over, especially on the J12.
  8. Totally agree on both:yes:
    and yes def. a price increase by tomorrow.
  9. It's true. The price increases in April on fine jewelry. If you can call and ask for Brendan Sheehan. He's a fantastic sales associate at the Chanel on East 57 Street in New York City 212-355-5050 He'll take very good care of you.
  10. If you buy it from Joma, its considered the grey market and the warranty will have to be from them, not Chanel. I wonder what happens when their warranty expires. Im not sure Chanel will touch it if there is tell tale signs it was purchased on the grey market. I thought of those things too and ended up buying from Saks Chanel. Just something to think about. Good luck and great choice! Black J12 will look fab!
  11. Bear in mind that when importing the watch into Europe you usually have to pay customs charges and shipping brokerage fees as well, Do factor this into your costing as it can be quite high in some European countries.
  12. you should buy it from ny now
    black is great for a guy
  13. yep, you will pay customs taxes on top of shipping fees, and they are high! you need to speak to the inland revenue and find out how much on top it will be on the value of the watch, its not going to be that much more of a bargain once these and shipping costs are factored in.
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