GUYS....i need your help

  1. i need some help for choosing a man's wallet as a gift for my BF.
    he is 22 right now.

    i have eye on
    eLUXURY - Louis Vuitton - Louis Vuitton,Taiga Wallet, billfold,men,fasion,acces

    eLUXURY - Louis Vuitton - LVCR
    (seems a little big, never sa it in real life)

    eLUXURY - Louis Vuitton - Epi Bill Holder, Louis Vuitton, Small Leathergoods, w
    (since i have a french wallet in blue epi, i think if i choose an epi then we can match..but they only have black left)

    please give me some idea....which one would you prefer...
    or any other suggestion would be appreciate too.

    strongly need some opinion from guys...thanks a lot !!!
  2. HI,
    I just bought the new cannelle epi key and change holder. I like it a lot. I was sick of carrying a huge wallet around and this one is small, masculine, and the color is just right! Check it out at the website. I can fit about 5 cards, some cash and change in it easily. Just a thought.
  3. Tiaga all the way...very masculine...:yes:
  4. umm...I like the epi...........but i'm not a guy, so ...... i don't know lol. You know what? you should TEST YOUR BF and see which one he likes! haha.....just like.....casually mention to him about types of leather.... and be like..."oooooh! i love how this grainy type of leather looks on ya"'s cheesy but it might work!
  5. another vote for taiga (slate) here!
  6. Hmmm..I love taiga or epi for a guy..
    matching wallet is cute but did he ever commented on your wallet ?? does he like the material etc??
    What kind of wallet does he have now? style, color etc
  7. asked my darlin husband and since he owns #3 in black, he picks number #2 for these reasons:
    1. the epi if worn in the back pocket ( is your bf a jeans and t shirt guy?) will wear down the texture and actually turn the inside pockets black yes this is true of a 300$ wallet.
    2. The credit card slots are great but the hidden slots under don't hold standard business cards correctly.
    3. The epi which was purchased at LV SF and anywhere else is stamped Louis Vuitton made in Spain not France which lends those folks who are considered label rubbernecks the idea that you purchased it in Bangkok.
    I say #2 b/c the texture is more durable and you will never hear a guy complain about having empty slots in his wallet.
  8. Definitely Taiga, my brother loves the line more than anything else Vuitton (but he's too el cheapo to splash out for one !).
  9. I love the dad has that one (along with a monogram billfold) and loves it!
  10. Taiga!!
  11. i love the Taiga line. my boyfriend has the 9-slot bookfold wallet in Ardoise, and he's obsessed with the Taiga line now :lol:
  12. taiga
  13. thanks for your advice....seems like lots ppl like taiga....

    how about Utah....doesnt it looks ver stylish?!

    :love: :love:
  14. Taiga
  15. Taiga! That line is so hot.