Guys, I need your help....

  1. As some of you know, I went to H yesterday to see the Chevre swatches because, after seeing Shopmom's Caramel Kelly and a Birkin in Caramel Chevre at MK, I decided I wanted a Birkin in Chevre, either Caramel or Gold. Well, to my dissapointment, there were only 2 Chevre swatches, one black the other Cocoan....:wtf:

    Furthermore, my SA said that Chevre is better in bright colors than in neutrals...:wtf: .So I would like to know from you ladies whether you agree with this, and what leathers are your favourites (non exotics) in Gold/Caramel colors....

    I will just add that I want a 35 Birkin in one of these colors with white stitching....and not Clemence/Togo because I have several bags in Clemence and I want to change....

    Give me as much info as you possibly can, 'cause I'm really stuck with this dilemma! TIA:flowers:
  2. i looove caramel in chevre so classy looking but i hate dark browns in anything glossy or with a shine (it reminds me of poodle poo but that is just me). i also love gold in vache liegee
    go with what you love not your sa you have to carry the bag (and pay for her)
  3. I agree with Lilach - caramel in chevre is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
  4. I did see a gold chevre Kelly several months ago at the boutique and it looked a lot lighter than gold in other leathers.

    My SAs also told me that they don't like gold so much in chevre because it looks too yellowish.
  5. Duna...join the club! I am right with you now trying to figure this out for myself. Same situation.

    I do agree with your SA that chevre looks better on brighter or more colored bags, but that is not to mean neutrals look poorly. Maybe in a subtle way she is trying to say you could spend your money better by purchasing a different neutral leather.

    I would like to see what others say to you on this one.

    Personally, I would not pick gold in chevre. I haven't seen caramel in it, so I can't comment.
  6. Duna, I actually think gold looks best in clemence. However, caramel I haven't seen in other leathers, so you may be stuck with chevre on that one. But, let me get back to you on that because I remember that caramel may be coming out in other leathers, maybe fjord. I have to check the new color swatches.
  7. voila caramel chevre :flowers:
    d3ocgca-1.jpg d3ocgcs.jpg
  8. Nice pictures Lilach...that is a nice light caramel. Too light of a shade for me, but looks nice in pics.

    Duna...advice...try to see it in person on any bag!
  9. I love chevre in brights - but then again, I like the colored bags more than neutrals so I guess it's just me!
  10. Runny poodle poo, I might add.
  11. I think almost all colors look fantastic in Chevre. IMHO, black, medium browns, and dark browns look richer and have more depth in Chevre de Coromandel. Two colors I like least in Chevre, however, are Saffron and Caramel. That's just my opinion, though!
  12. Caramel Chevre irl is gorgeous. I was lucky enough to see Shopmom's Kelly in person when she picked it up and it is sooooo pretty!!!! Pictures cannot capture the color very well. :upsidedown:
  13. This is so interesting! I am glad you started this thread duna as I am really debating over which color would look best in chevre for a Kelly.

    From the pics that I have seen, I think Caramel Chevre is just beautiful! I would really love to see that and a chocolate chevre bag IRL because I love the idea of these colors being in chevre, but worried about the sheen.
  14. This is the MK one I mentioned! It looks lovely in the pics, and so does Shopmom's, but I don't want to order it without seeing it first IRL! That's why I'm looking also at other leather possibilities... Keep them coming girls!!:yes:
  15. Jag, I don't know if I showed you what MF Chevre looks like up close but I recently posted this:

    MF is very close to Chocolat, so I'm hoping this gives you an idea! IMO I really like how dark browns appear in goatskin. The sheen isn't that bad at all; in fact, I prefer it since it doesn't look "flat".