Guys I Need Your Help (Pics)

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  1. Hi Everyone...I need some help from you the experts in LV. I've had a Manhattan GM and a Tivoli GM since December and I still have not have a chance to even use them...they are still in boxes. Anyway...I have 2 questions:

    1. Regarding the Manhattan it normal to have the handle look like in the pictures below? There is a slight crease/wrinkle in the handle...where it unites with the that normal?

    2. Regarding the Tivoli it normal to have the handle look like in the pictures below? It has slight wrinkles just when the rolled handle ends and the flat part that normal?

    This has not happen to any of my speedies but I'm assuming is because the handles are shorter...but I really don't know.

    Your opinions will be highly appreciated.

    Manhattan GM 1.JPG Manhattan GM 2.JPG Tivoli GM 1.JPG Tivoli GM 2.JPG
  2. I had the same thing on my mono speedy and i was freaking out thinking they sent me something used but it was completely new and unused, but i think it was becuase they gave me a 30 in a 25 box.
  3. i have the tivoli gm, and i think the crease is normal
  4. creases come with wear, I understand you being frantic since it was a chunk of change for your bag, but don't worry too much, if it bothers you maybe you can voice your concern with your SA, hopefully she will help.
  5. It is normal in both cases. The creases will happen the minute the handles are attached to the bags at the factory. It is merely more noticable because the leather is so light and new. Both of your bags were great selections!!!! Please show modeling photos for us!
  6. Very normal...
  7. Yup, agree with others... it's normal.
  8. Thank you guys...I was just in doubt.
  9. Beautiful bags ... you should definitely enjoy them!
  10. ^^ I agree ...great bags:heart:
  11. looks fine as for the wrinkle in the leather maybe it was an elderly cow hahaha

  12. Of course its ok! remember it is leather, so slight wrinkling should be expected, sometimes the Vuitton handles (inside the leather) expand and cause wrinkling. But if you feel that it's something to be worried about talk to your SA. But I don't think it's an issue since it happened on my mothers Manhattan GM.:smile:
  13. They are still in the boxes i'm sure they dont have room in there or air. I would guess because the handles are longer then the speedy they have no room in those boxes and that is causing the wrinkles.

  14. The 2 photos on the right -- that's the TRevi? I think if you don't remove the straps when you are storing the bag it may wrinkle in the way yours has. When I got my Berkeley and Hampstead, the straps were in the bag and the SA installed them when I inspected and purchased. The bags were purchased at two different locations.
    If you are bothered by wrinkling of the rounded straps (they should wrinkle with use anyway) unbuckle them and remove before storing the handbag.
    Hope this helps.
  15. That is very normal. I have the tivoli GM and with use the wrinkles happened in the same spot, think with the longer handles it just is a characteristic of the bag