Guys, I need some emotional support... I am about to let go of one of my Birkins

  1. Hi,guys. I am about to let go of my cyclamen box with orange vibrato Birkin 35cm. It is not sold yet, but it looks like it is going to be sold soon. I have been talking to a very friendly lady. I bought it at Hermes less than 2 months ago and haven't used it at all. I love it, but I just don't think that I am going to use it. BUT it is HEART BREAKING to let go of my BIRKIN! It is $8100 before tax (SA said vibrato is more expensive since it is very hard to make vibrato leather.), and I think I am going to let go with $6100+shipping with insurance. Is it a good deal? I never sold any of my treasures before...I need some comfort...:cry: What should I do...? My mind is still going back and forth. And I am also scared that I might regret selling it. What do you guys think? Should I let go?
  2. You're selling a Birkin for less then retail? I thought you could always sell a new one for more?
  3. I am not a reseller. I just want to sell it quickly without headache...Is it stupid to let go of it less than retail? Please give me some advice if it is a stupid decision.
  4. Are you selling it on Ebay? I think you could ask more but understand that you want to sell it fast.
  5. IMO I wouldn't sell it below retail. If the SA said that vibrato Birkins are hard to make, you should at least sell for retail.
  6. I am sorry that you have to let this beauty go but you should and can at least get all the money (including tax) back on it. Hardly anyone would ever sell their Birkins less than retail even on pre-owned one. IMHO, $2000 is too much to lose on such a rare and beautiful Birkin and your potential buyer is getting a deal of the century here..... Please don't rush into a decision that you might regret :hrmm:
  7. I think you can really get back what you paid for it. Maybe even a little more. Don't undersell your baby.
  8. Yeh, I talked to my husband during dinner about it and he also strongly objects to sell it less than what we paid for. He rather wants me to use it if it has to be sold less than the original price...I DON'T KNOW!!!
  9. aspen, at first, I was really reluctant to sell my LVs on Ebay, I just thought it would be so much trouble and it wouldn't sell and I would have to worry and worry about it. But it's really easier than I thought and I got a good price for my bag. I would really advice you try to post on Ebay for at least 1 week, if it doesn't sell that week, relist (if it sells on the relist, Ebay will refund the second insertion fee). And just try and see if anyone gives you a good offer. Use the Make Offer option, PM me if you want more detail. But don't just let it go for that low, it's over 2K we're talking about!
  10. Noooo....I'd have to agree that the price is TOO LOW. You need to add on a finder's fee for a Birkin, not sell for under retail.

    And how would you feel :sick: if the friendly lady turned around and listed it on ebay, tacking on several thousand? I happened to notice one reseller doing just that. They bought an Ostrich bag from another seller. Within the space of 2 weeks that same Ostrich Birkin had gone up several thousand, relisted by the buyer.
  11. I dunno..if you're gonna sell it for that much less, i'd at least use it a bit THEN sell it!

    But why not just keep it?
  12. hi,

    I am no hermes expert but I agree with the other cant be selling such a treasure for such a hit on the price.

    Hermes have proven themselves to be the pinnacle of handbags and selling for less is doing yourself a dis-service.

    I understand wanting to let it go quickly to avoid the pain of losing it..but dont underestimate its worth.

    If it is usually a hard to get stule/colour/skin then you should be looking at it as an investment that appreciates not depreciates with time.

    cheers and goodluck..

  13. Sell it to me??

    Just a thought.. hehehe..
  14. Please reconsider, should NOT take a $2,000.00 hit on such a beauty. You could easily sell it for what you bought it for and MAYBE throw in the shipping. Please re-think....
  15. I'd hold out for more, although it could be a harder sell because of the uncommon color scheme as most people want black or gold.