guys i need major shoe help fast!


T&co state of mind..
Nov 11, 2005
west coast envy
I have a dress that kind of gives off a greecian vibe, its beige and white with golden beads, it should be here wednesday..literally the night before the event, I can't really explain it, but can anyone suggest like a muted gold heel that would suit a dress like that? I'm not sure, like a gladiator heel? LOL something kind of fun and elegant. I know I'm so unclear right now so any suggestions would be great! thanks! :heart:
Dec 14, 2006
Don't know if these are fancier than what you want, but they're SO cute!

These have both gold and beige and might match very well

These have somewhat of a gladiator look

They're all from Victoria's Secret, which makes comfy and good quality shoes. They're all on sale, the first one is $49 and the other two are $40. Good luck!
Dec 11, 2006
i like the last pair - you can wear it with anything. the manolos are also great but I think the style of the last pair is the most versatile.

oh, and show us pics of the dress!!! or rather the whole outfit you will wear!