Guys, I need help!?

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  1. hey guys, need your opinion. this bags looks authentic to me. How bout you? There is no additional pictures. I know that countries replicate Louis Vuittons with real leather that also patinas. So I need your opinion....

  2. Nope, here's a pic of one from elux - see how the LVs are aligned:

    unless this is another one of their famous prototypes{?}

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  3. I have also seen on mypoupette sellers. that the zipper pulls starting left to right and there is also ones that pull right to left. and LV's start at the top. and some start and the bottom. ugghh...i dont know...
  4. but see how the bag on elux the LV is cut off. I know that LV would never cut off their LV's on bags. So is the elux a fake??
  5. Elux doesn't have fakes, just protoypes. Go to the Vuitton site and see the authentic if its pictured.
  6. I just looked in STAR's thread (she has one of those in mono) and hers has two LVs on the side just like the first pic. Ask the seller for more pics if you can.
  7. Cool! ALso, you may want to tell us the name of the Seller, we could help that way as well.
  8. Louis_Vuitton_Lover, the alignment of the LV's on the original photo that you posted are just fine! Many of the mini sac bags for the last couple of years have that alignment. As for the e-luxury jpeg, I have very seldom seen that pattern. I theorize that perhaps when the mini sac HL was first released, they had the eluxury jpeg alignment in mind. But maybe several years down the road, LV decided to change the alignment because it looks more "proportional" as opposed to one "LV" in the middle and 2 cut off at the sides. If you visit an LV boutique, you will see that the mini sac HL will have the same alignment as in the picture you posted.
    Having said that, as always, I would recommend requesting the seller to e-mail more photos (close-up shots, interior shots) before ever making a bid. I would never make a bid based on just ONE picture.
  9. It looks good to me. V
  10. check a mypoupette seller, it could be an older version of the bag..
    Not all the bags on elux are the correct thing.. look at the white mc speedy with the red lv on it and the manhattan..

  11. Cute!
  12. LV changed the look of the mini sac a few years ago. The one the OP posted is the older version with two LV columns. The newer ones have one column. I read this on the Poupette site a couple of years ago.
    Louis_Vuitton_Lover, the bag you posted looks authentic but I'd need a few more pics to tell you for sure.