Guys :( I need advice :(

  1. I received my Stella from the eBay buyer today. It's GORGEOUS but there is a slight problem. One of the metal rivets (on the strap) is not anchored and simply pops off. If it were a used bag or if she would have said something, I guess I wouldn't be so disappointed...but it's brand new and I paid over $750 for it. That's A LOT of money for something that isn't perfect. :crybaby:

    Is this an easy fix? Should I email the seller? What do I say? I don't know if she even knew about it.


    Thanks for any advice.
  2. I forgot - here are 2 pictures I took w/my camera phone.
    stella1.jpg stella2.jpg
  3. I'm sorry, I can't make out the problem from the pics! But if you bought it as NWT and it's damaged, the seller should be responsible for it. If it's a dream bag that you can't get anywhere else, I'd take it to a store that sells MJ bags and see if they can give you any advice on whether the company will repair it or not.
  4. Aww that sucks about the bag. The pics were a little blurry and I have a lousy imagination so I couldn't picture the defect in my head. However, you could contact an MJ boutique for repair advice. I'd definitely contact the seller too to acknowledge the defect in the event you want to return the item- maybe tell them you will attempt to get it professionally repaired but if it is not possible to fix you want the option to get your money back. Good luck, hope everything works out!
  5. i know what you're talking about. Do you have the link to the auction? What season stella is that? You should email the seller and let her know about the problem, and see what she has to say. i would think that the seller know about the loose rivet, wouldn't it have some sort of light "tinkling" noise if you move the bag around? You could even spot from the side of your eye that something is moving when you pick up the bag.

    If you really like the bag, ask the seller for a partial refund, to cover the cost of taking the bag to get it repaired. In the meantime, if you have a MJ boutique in your area, call them up and ask where they bring their bags for repairs or ask for recommendations. It shouldn't be a hard thing to fix, i think it's just a matter of pushing the rivet back down and securing it again. Good luck, and let us know how it goes!
  6. Thanks everyone...there isn't an MJ store here but I will call the closest one to ask for a recommendation. The rivet is not all there like the rest of them...there is no back to this one and that's why it slides off. I emailed the seller so I hope we can work something out.

    Thanks again,
  7. good luck dawn! i know how disappointing that can be. i recently bought a stam hobo from eLux that arrived with no nameplate inside! for that kind of cash everything should be perfect- even if it's the smallest thing. if it bothers you now, it will bother you forever.

    i hope everything works out for you!
  8. you did the right thing by emailing the seller; it's good to notify any issues you notice about a purchase as soon as possible, so they don't start to think that you did something to the bag. please let us know how it turns out for you. do you have a link to the auction?
  9. Oh that is such a bummer! I know exactly what you mean b/c I have the same bag. If I were you I'd try to find someone in the area who does leather work - like a cobbler - or if you are near a larger city you may be able to find someone who does fine leather repair. Make sure that they know not to compromise the leather when doing the repair and also that they can match the rivet exactly.
    Let us know what the seller says. If I had sold that bag to you and didn't know about the defect I would offer you a refund, but that's just me! Maybe at least she'll refund you some of your purchase price? Fingers crossed!
  10. ^ i've had my cobbler fix minor things like that, and I think a rivet is relatively easy to fix. He should already have the pieces he needs to fix it, since rivets are common details. I hope the seller gives you a discount for having to go out of your way to fix it.