Guys!!! hurry up! FUSHIA Ostrich Birkin 35cm available!!!

  1. GUYS!!! FUSHIA Ostrich Birkin 35cm available at hermes in Richards in Westport CT. Tel# is at location-click on Westport in CT. I did not buy it becuase I have the exactly the same one!
  2. you have a picture please???
  3. I posted before in another thread. If you click on my ID, it would lead you to icon to click to see more thread that are posted by me...
  4. Someone will get a gorgeous bag!
  5. Wow! Another fushia ostrich Birkin! Ostriches must be reproducing these days!!!

    Someone will be very happy!!
  6. OOOOOOHHHHH! Please someone snap up this bag!
  7. Where's Noriko when you need her? This was her dream bag!
  8. Aw- I miss Noriko too! :cry:
  9. I'm sure it's out of my price range for a little while but what is the current retail?

  10. OMG! I WANT THIS BAG SOOOOOOOO BAD!:heart::heart: Too bad they don't ship:cry:
  11. Did you call them? Are you sure they don't ship? I think they do...Please double check with them. I really think they DO ship!
  12. I wish someone here could get this!
  13. I did not call because I just thought that was the policy of all Hermes boutiques??? Maybe I am wrong? :amazed:
  14. I'd be very surprised if they ship but a bag like this is always worth a call!
  15. :yahoo: Did anyone call and made the order?:yahoo: