Guys, How do you use your pochette accessories???

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  1. And what should i get?

    Wapity or pochette accessories??

  2. I like the Wapity, I read your other thread about your parents not letting you get anything, Thats horrible of them. :sad:
  3. Yes I Know!
    I Wish they could let me have at least one bag!:sad:
  4. I use my Pochettes as bags when I do not need to bring much out.

    The Wapity is great for cameras and as a wristlet.
  5. i use the pochette when i'm going out and i dont need much other than my wallet, cell phone and maybe some lip balm/lotion. it's a good weekend bag.
    otherwise it's too small to carry to work on the weekdays.
    i would use it to organize inside my speedy but i bought a purseket.

    hope your parents relax and let you buy a bag someday soon! *hugs*
  6. i dont know if you mean "guys" actually, but i am and i have a pochette accessory. I use it to throw in big bags and it holds my 9cc lv mono billfold, iphone, keys, and burts bees. I also use it as a wallet with chain and put it in my back pocket and attach the chain onto a belt loop! i love it!
  7. :yes: me tooo
  8. I use my pochette inside my bag. I also have used it as a clutch. I also bought a long strap so I can wear it long across the body. I love my pochettes.
  9. you'll get more use out of the pochette. i have the mono pochette and a mc white wapity. i find more versatility in the pochette. it holds more and can be used as a hangbag, shoulder bag, and wristlet.
  10. i use mine to put small things and then put it inside my speedy 30 this is how it works i use the speedy 30 for the day like shopping and such and at night i take the pochette accessories with me for dinner or clubbing and leave the speedy in the car so i'm always prepared =) JUST in case.
  11. I use my pochette to carry the necessities (a small wallet, phone, lipstick, compact, and keys) as a purse on the weekends, or in my work tote, or in the diaper bag when I'm out with my kids. It's a great, versatile accessory and I love it!
  12. I have both the wapity and 3 mini pochette accessories. I use the pochettes a lot more than my wapity. I usually carry a mirror compact, pen chapstick, lipgloss, 2 colors of lipstick, and some cash.
  13. The Pochette is more useful between the two, but for a man I'd go for the Wapity.