Guys, guys, guys

  1. Give me advice on what I want, i've been looking into the HAC, but it still whispers femenine to me, any other carrying type bags that look good, and are variable in what leather/colour and maybe a wallet as well :smile:
  2. I am taking it that you are a male then???

    There's a thread with the boys here carrying their Birkins

    I'll have to find it
  3. I've read that thread, it's all about Birkins and HACs, but i doubt i'll ever be comfortable carrying a Birkin, because my mom has one :p
  4. NO way (if your a guy) the HAC is way more masculine than the birkin. A 36 is a good everyday bag, and larger would be luggage size IMO, however if you have alot to carry a 40 is fine for everyday too.
  5. I think you could easily carry a larger HAC. I think skin and color factor big time in how masculine/femine it would look.
  6. absolutely ! a fushia ostrich gold hardware birkin may not work (unless you are bryanboy type) but i see no problems with a 36 HAC or 40 birkin in a muted maculine leather. not very long ago i hated the idea of a guy + birkin but that has changes once i saw a muy macho guy rocking a barenia palladium hrdw birkin in 40 :yes:
  7. I'm an HAC fan, through and through. While I agree that a larger HAC in the right leather/color/hw combination can be VERY masculine indeed, it's not your only option.

    How do you feel about messenger bags? There is a wonderful Hermes messenger and I believe it is called the Tibet. Boxy shape but very mou in clemence. I know Luxury-Zurich had one awhile back.

    Also, an all leather Garden Party might work for you, too.
  8. I actually think the HAC is a great choice for guys...I'm not carrying mine as often as I'd like becuase I feel it looks a little too masculine!:s
  9. Well, if you're not comfortable with the HAC, look at the Steve, or the Buenaventura. If you use the search function at the top of the page, you'll find some threads about these bags. Both are definitely masculine.

    But back to the HAC, I think you'll be fine carrying it.
  10. Hey, frenchiefan, there's NO :nogood:way you could ever be associated with a masculine look no matter how hard you tried. Enjoy that HAC:tup:

    Hermes bags with probably the exception of small Kellys appear unisex to me.....I've told my DH this time and again....they lend themselves to the wearer, is my feeling. Look at the cool guys with their 40 travel Birkins.....and then, look at a lady with the same. The bag looks great on both.

    I can't imagine myself not carrying something if I liked matter the style, size, because it's me that's feminine, not the bag.

    So....frenchie....go for're a gorgeous Lady!
  11. Thanks for the help guys, might pop into Hermes and check out the HAC's. but also, thanks AuthenticLux for the other suggestions :smile:
  12. If you trace the origin of the HAC design, it is very masculine and was used to carry saddle or used as a travel bag. Thru the years it has become available and evolved in smaller sizes and in different leather and colors. If you like the birkin or HAC design, then I think you just have to get over it as a feminine bag and think of it as a functional bag which you could enjoy and use. When I see a person carrying a nice well-designed bag, I don't think of that person as either masculine or feminine but rather admire the person's style and good taste which transcend gender boundaries. I think the HAC is a good choice if you particularly like the look of the birkin or HAC. It truly is an amazing design and fun to look at at different angles. How about a 36cm or 40 cm HAC or 40cm Birkin? I don't like carrying too large of a bag myself since I don't carry much stuff and just feels odd carrying a big bag with nothing in it at times.
  13. Uhuh, i've been looking at leathers and colours, Havanne appeals a fair bit, as I like brown, can anyone tell me about hardwear, is it just gold and palladium? Not anything with a gunmetalish look to it? And, as I like to have my laptop, a fair amount of paperwork, a magazine, a bottle of coke, and my phone and organiser, anyone reccomend a size? :smile: - (in the normal birkin or HAC)
  14. For guys I think the Birkin 40 or HAC 36 is ideal. I have seen many men pull off these looks here in NY. So SEXY!
  15. Ruthenium? You can also have it in either brushed or shiny finish. From your description of your contents, either size should do, it'd be better if you can get to an H-store & try out the sizes first before you decide! Good luck!