~*Guys, do you think...*~

  1. ...using the vernis phone strap would work as a substitute hand strap for use with a bag made to be used as a wristlet? I.E. would it look nice on say, a white MC Wapity in place of the current vachetta strap? or maybe on the Pochette Tikal?...and more importantly, would it fit a wrist?

    I really think it could work, but I'm sure on the practicality of it. What do you guys think?
  2. I believe it may be a little too small to be used for that purpose. I can't be sure though. They look quite similar to the Wapity straps but I think they're thinner.
  3. ^^ I agree. I would also worry that the little loop that connects the strap to a cell phone would be more likely to break if it were connected to a Tikal or Wapity, because those would be heavier than a phone when you factor your stuff being inside of them.
  4. I don't think it's a good idea because the lanyard on the vernis phone strap is not as thick ... I had to return mine because it was so thin, I didn't think it could hold the weight of my phone (motorola razor). Although it is an awesome looking phone strap.
  5. It wouldn't work. It'd probably break.
  6. I dont think it would work on the wapity.
  7. Yeah, I'd be too scared to put a lot of wear on the strap... :sweatdrop:
  8. Well in what other inventive ways can I use this 'phone' strap then?...because I really want it in Amarante - but can't justify buying it for nothing. There must be something...or than the obvious response of "use it on your phone" :lol: (because my LVoe charm already occupies that...
  9. I was thinking of getting that for my canon digi cam just as a decoration because i'm afraid it'll break if i hang it on my wrist.
  10. are you getting it for the amarante color? how about getting a amarante cles instead?
  11. get the amarante pastilles key ring ...
  12. i totally agree!!!! don't do it!!!!

    my inclusion phone strap totally broke....and it was on my rzar phone, so it's not like it was super heavy or anything, i hardly picked it up by strap part --- when it comes to my LV, i'm pretty careful..... i only had this 'sucker' for 6-7 months or so (it was a christmas present from my DH!)....the black lanyard part just snapped in half where i had loop....

    i took it to my regular boutique and my SA said they weren't gonna fix it:tdown:. some other SA said the same. i didn't even have it for a year....i was pretty pi*sed off:cursing::yucky:. --- so went to LV @ Saks, they are just always so sweet and sent it in right away.
    (same thing with my less than 1yr old Manhattan PM....there was something wrong with it and this LV said they were NOT going to fix it....but Saks fixed it right away with no charge!:tup:)

    it's been almost 3months or so, but it hasn't come back to me yet. i did talk to the manager at Saks.....he is the sweetest:heart:, he said that LV repair told him that it was gonna cost me more than $50 to replace the black loop part:wtf:......but he said there was NO WAY that he was gonna charge me THAT MUCH to fix the tiny little part ---- so i guess i'm getting that fixed for free after all..............:tup:
  13. That's a good point! It is pretty thin.