Guys and rings

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  1. #1 Feb 9, 2014
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2014
    Hi Ladies

    So I want to ask for some opinions :smile:
    I am a guy, mid 20ies, single and when it comes to fashon and style, I'm clueless :smile:
    So I've recently started to recover after a crisis in my life (anxiety) and I want to do something nice for myself. I've always had a thing for rings, but never worn them, so I decided to get one. Was looking around and then I found this ring, it's a Tiffany&co atlas white gold ring. I really liked it and I got it.
    So my question would be what do you ladies think? Could this be pulled of? Or is wedding rings really the only thing that guys can get away with wearing?
  2. I personally don't like rings on men, except wedding bands.
  3. It looks great on your hand! Wear it and enjoy it. :smile:
  4. Well firstly congratulations for getting past a difficult period!! I think it's a great idea to wear a token as a symbol of strength!

    I think the Atlas design is unisex, but I would suggests your wearing it on your right hand. You mentioned that you are single; wearing on your left ring finger may suggest to others that you are already married.
  5. Great purchase! Wear it in good health! Maybe next purchase would be a bracelet? ;)
  6. Very nice, congratulations! But you might want to wear it on your right hand, since it looks like a wedding band on your left :smile:

  7. +1. I agree with everything said... except - you may be in a country where wedding rings are worn on the right hand, so you're wearing it on the left?

  8. Same here.
    Also, I would assume you were married as you have it on your L ring finger.
  9. Thanks for all the nice input :smile: I've moved the ring to my right hand, don't want to cause misunderstandings
  10. Great choice!
  11. Looks great. The most important thing is that you love it. If it makes you happy then it's a great choice!
  12. I agree. But congrats, OP, on overcoming your anxiety issue.
  13. Great choice OP :smile:

  14. I live in the US, so we wear wedding rings on left.
  15. I love a guy with an attitude to carry off masculine jewelry! I don't think men should be limited to only rings... if you can find something that works with your style and makes you stand up straight... bracelets, a nice watch, necklace, earrings (studs or small hoops), it's all fair game to me.

    I think the atlas is very unisex and if anything, more on the masculine side. As long as you feel comfortable with it and it makes you feel good, then you will attract folks with the same energy.