Guys and make up

  1. It would look weird on my boyfriend. Just wouldn't suit him. But I don't mind it. I think it would have to fit the personality/face too.

    I do like this

    Black nailpolish works on a lot of guys. I don't tend to think much of it at all. If a guy wants to wear it, that's fine by me.
  2. Guys+makeup=yuck. That whole goth thing spun out of control, now you see 40 year old men looking like old made-up strippers thinking it's cool. Guys who wear makeup just advertise the fact that they either aren't in a professional field or are too young to be considered men. My opinion applys to men who want to appear manly.
  3. As a guy I can't do it too myself. Although when i go out at night and get ready sometimes i feel i need more than just a washed face and some moisturizer rubbed in. KWIM? The only thing i would ever consider would be foundation and even then it woudl feel weird plus i would only get one that doesnt look like i have any on. Anyway its more effort, expense and means i have to be even more careful on getting it on my clothes, imagine getting some smeared on a white jacket! what would i say to people. So anyway it works for some, just not for me.
  4. I have no interest in a man that wants to borrow my lipstick and nail polish. It only works if someone is on stage. But to each his/her own.
  5. There is make up and make up. Men's make up shouldn't show at all, or very little. I don't see why it's wrong for a guy to improve his skin and tone as long as it looks natural. Blush and such would be to go too far, mascara on some too, and definetly nail polish and black eye liner unless you're a gother or similar, but something to lighten eyes and dark circles, help dull skin etc and maybe also accentuate the brows, I don't see what's the big issue about that.
  6. ummm.... yeah, not something I'm into for my guys.
  7. I LOVE guys in makeup!!!! There's something about it that makes me melt!!! My fh looks HOT when he wears eyeliner, but I usually have to put it on him and that process turns into a lot of b*tching OR me laughing so hard I can't get the line straight :p.

    But I think it has to look nice, I hate seeing all the little teen boys running around and it looks like their little brother or sister attacked them with a marker.

    Also I love guys that paint their finger nails, any color. My fh usually paints his black or bright neon green(his fav. color).

    But lets remember everyone has different tastes, opinions, and views. :yes: I would consider my fh as a professional, respectable, and a true man, who isn't all that young. Please, lets remember that ALL things don't work for ALL people. I think we can share our lovely and wonderful differing opinions without malice in tone.
  8. not into it on a guy i will love but, it does look good on some but only when it is very intentional like gothic intentional. if is is tried to be discreet and is not...not sexy
  9. Guys= make up is a no no. :tdown:
  10. I stick by this one rule.

    If a guy wears more make-up then me in day to day life then a huge NO.
  11. i think its okay as long as its VERY natural and used to enhance not mask their face. You should not be able to tell they are wearing make up like you usually can with playing around with colorful eyeshadows and stuff=no. I have a light sheer brown eyeshadow that you cant tell that there is any makeup there, but it does enhance the eye area discretely and thats the kind of thing I think is okay for men. Black nailpolish is the only nailpolish I have seen that looked "okay" for men. And I do think they should get their eyebrows done, get facials, and manicures. I cant stand out of control eyebrows and nasty nails. Unfotunatly most men think that caring for their appearence=gay...if only they knew why the gay men get all the chicks :roflmfao:
    But I admit sometimes It is a little scary to see guys a little to worried about their appearence, which is not uncommon in Tokyo. Espessially the ones who are more paranoid about their hair than a girl.
  12. I would never want my guy to start using my makeup! That's a huge NO! :yucky:

    As for the rest of the men in the world - whatever makes you happy I guess...
  13. You really think it's okay for straight men to wear makeup on a day to day basis? I figure any guy that is so concerned about the way his face looks that he takes time to put on makeup is way too vain for me. Now I'm all for taking care of their skin, eyebrows, nails, etc. but makeup?