Guys and Handbags: These guys got it right!

  1. These japanese trend setters got the handbags right, and no gayness added. Please why can't fashion outrageousness reach the rest of the west too... :crybaby:

    TOKYOMANGO: Male Gals Christmas Shopping Video

    What do you think?
  2. I think it is adorable seeing those fashionable androgynous Japanese couples, often with hair dyed the same color. I am all for metrosexuality.
  3. Very cool.
  4. my hubby sometimes carries a purse...he says he is actually jealous that women get to carry purses, because he like to carry lots of stuff with him.
  5. my hub is a japanese and he also has a great fashion sense:love:
  6. I live in Tokyo and get to see it all the time, and some guys really know how to shop! Some of my j-guy friends and I go shopping and discuss clothes, bags, shoes, etc. And all of them are straight! I always see guys whip out a compact mirror and fix their hair too. Actually alot of the "gal" style guys that shop in 109 only dress that way because they want to appeal to girls that dress like that. Even if that wasnt factor though, it is kind of a japanese thing to really care about how others think of you. The idea is to look upper middle class even if you aren't. For example alot of construction workers and factory workers will change into regular clothes before they commute home. Sadly though....Japan is a land of extremes and this is no exception. For every guy decked out with prada shoes and a gucci bag, there is a guy who is a fashion disaster and just has no clue what to do when it comes to clothes. NERDY SWEATERS that don't even remotely match are just as common...maybe more common than the fashionable men. It kind of makes me sad because alot of those guys are very good looking they just don't know what they're doing and therefor don't get a girlfriend solely because of that.

    Sorry I rambled....I have a thing for asian (especially japanese) men :love: :heart: :heart:
  7. I take it these guys are like the male equivalent of Kogals? Either way, the look cute.
  8. What are "Kogals"?

    Japan's just really forward thinking in their fashion and style, and I admire their flair when it comes to dressing up. Almost innate sometimes, I feel :yes:
  9. I love the fact that it is acceptable for hetero men to wear make-up and carry bags. :yes: It is also becoming acceptable in the UK.

    Of course, this isn't the first time. Men have frequently worn make-up and flamboyant clothes, historically and have been as glamourous (and in some eras, much more glamourous) than the women of the time.

    It's only in the last couple of hundred years that it's been frowned upon, in the West (with some notable blips - e.g. the Glam Rock and New Romantic eras of the '70s and '80s).

    Which gender is the peacock is, apparently, due to how many of each gender there are. Because there have been a lot of wars in the last two hundred years, due to casualties, there have been fewer men than women and so the women have had to make more effort to make themselves attractive to men.

    This is now changing, as we haven't had a major war for a while and women are also bringing in their own cash and so men have had to start working equally hard to attract a partner. :biggrin: