guys and Coach

  1. DH is content with his $10 Dockers wallet and refuses to even recieve a Coach one. Even the SA was pushing one on him yesterday, but he wasn't budging. So that begs the question: Does your boyfriend/husband/man in your life rock the Coach?
  2. NO I bought him a really nice Coach wallet for christmas and it still sits collecting dust, I think he used it on New Years eve but that's it!
  3. Mine got a black leather Coach money clip as a graduation present from his friend in the early 90s, and used it constantly until he lost it just a few years ago. It still looked every bit as good as the day he got it, and he absolutely MOURNED that money clip.

    He's a very picky shopper, and he shopped for months to find another "perfect" money clip. Looked at all brands and all stores.

    He ended up with another Coach!

    That's not to say he understands my Coach obsession (which peaked after the whole money clip saga). He DOES get my appreciation for the quality of the bags. What he doesn't get is why I could possibly need any more than just one brown and one black bag. He also doesn't understand that I'm seeing the bags I choose more as investments than just fashion statements. I tend to stay away from most of the trendier designs (no, I do not consider the red patent ergo to be trendy, and it WILL be mine, so there!), and try and choose the ones that I know I'll be able to carry for several years.
  4. My husband sadly doesn't have any Coach for himself and I can't convince him to even get a belt or a wallet, He would never spend that much money on something like that for himself. But I think he does understand my need and my obsession/addiction for Coach. I think this is because he has his own things he's obsessed with. However, this doesn't stop him for raising the old eyebrows whenever he sees a new bag and saying "Is that ANOTHER new Coach bag???" To which I usually reply "No its not've seen this one before, I just haven't used it in awhile". ;)
  5. I am going to try that one !
  6. Just let your DH carry whatever he wants (which is what is sounds like you're doing! I just think it's not worth an argument over a wallet) Guys are funny....

    My DH has a Coach wallet, I bought it for his birthday and he loves it. He also has a business card holder that he keeps in his briefcase.
  7. I tried my best to get DH to buy a wallet when we were at an outlet last month, but no0o0....

    yesterday, he says..."I think I might want a Coach wallet, mine is starting to fall apart"

  8. I`m lucky - my DH loves Coach. He has great taste and knows a good thing when he sees it! :love:
  9. DH doesnt have one yet but he has said he would like a wallet so I figure I will get him one for his bday, maybe then he will understand a tiny bit of my obsession.:yahoo:
  10. No my bf is happy with his kenneth cole one but i must admist his kenneth cole wallet is really sturdy and the leather will last a long time!! It's the cross-grain leather:yes:

    I did get a coach wallet for my dad though for father's day and he liked it:p
  11. i got my friends husband a coach wallet for his birthday and he LOVE LOVE LOVES it!! he says the leather is awesome and the design is perfect :smile:

    :smile: hehe my bf isnt opposed the wallet, but he has a gucci one that he adores (at least thats what he told me...but he probably has to because i bought him it haha)

    but whatever my friends dh LOVES it and thats all that counts right? :smile: hehe
  12. My husband doesn't carry a wallet...he can't stand anything big in his pocket. We searched for about 6 months for a thin little card case. We finally found one at the Coach outlet in Destin, FL. He cost too much...but he LOVES it. It is perfect for him...actually doesn't fold or anything just like 3 little slots for his cards.

    He always does this...says "don't get me that it is too much." But when he gets it he uses it and loves it. The same thing happened with a Swiss Army watch I got him, he loved it and now has worn the strap out!
  13. I bought my DH a Coach wallet for his birthday last month and he loves it. He thought it was a little weird at first but once he got his things in it and started using it he decided that it wasn't so weird after all. :p

    I have been considering getting him a leather portfolio for quite some time and now that he likes his wallet I think I will get that for him, too.
  14. My DH wallet is a Prada...we never fell in love with any coach mens wallet.
  15. u should u should!! they are sooooooooooo very nice and soft and mmmmmmmmmmm i love mine!! sometimes i just sit there and stroke it mmm haha ok im not weird i promise :smile:

    but GET IT! :smile: :okay: