Guy wanna buy gucci tote :\

  1. i like it, its a guy tote actually says on i've been wanting it since like forever but no cash. haha, its not waterproof. buy the leather totes if you want waterproof.
  2. i prefer the light color of this bag :smile:
  3. you mean the beige ivory one??
  4. read strap? u mean the red green red signature strap or?
  5. The fabric monogram is not exactly waterproof but i've carried mine during light drizzle and it was ok.
    I think the GG plus should be more waterproof. but i tried the bag in the boutique and i didn't like it because the shoulder strap is not detachable. The handle also gets in the way when you carry it by the strap on your shoulder. But its just my opinion. :smile:
  6. so u will go with the fabric monogram instead? for a guy which u prefer?
  7. I have slightly unusual taste for a guy.
    I already have a blue fabric monogram bag. Its very spacious and quite light.
    But now i want a white guccisima leather tote or duffle bag.
  8. I like! I don't see anything wrong with it and think you'll look great. Always get what you want and don't worry about others:flowers: PLease let us know and post pics if you can once you get it.
  9. Hi, Yes, I know that is the gucci color, but I like more masculine bags for guys, hope you find a nice bag :yes:
  10. any more opinions? think i gonna get the fabric one tml..
  11. the first one ??
    ore give a link :yes:
  12. yup the one with the signature strap.. whats ur say?