guy here...your opinions...please?

  1. hello, new here and my 2nd post...

    i just bought this...for my cam, cell phone, whatever...not for everyday use...what do u girlies or guys (if any) think? wanted the black but i think the beige shows more "gucci"...not that i'm ostentatious but i like the color. it also matches my gucci scarf...

  2. it's cute.
  3. I like it!
  4. Loves it! Congrats!
  5. GREAT! thanks for the comments...this will be purchased for me really soon... can't wait!!!:yahoo: :drool:



  6. It took me to the 3rd picture to figure out that it was a backpack! LOL

  7. silvergsboy, that's a great purchase!:yahoo:
    I totally agree that the Beige looks more gorgeous. :yes:

    Oh yah, welcome to tPF as well.:welcome:
  8. I have this bag too. And i love it.
  9. This one is nice too...I'm not sure if they have it in the states or not mine in Japan:yes:
    img10431983376.jpg img10431983392.jpg
  10. that's nice...just not really my style...when i was like 13, i wore those waist pouches but they were the tacky ones...that's actually cool. i'd rather wear it around my neck hangin in front of me though.
  11. Love the camera bag & backpack!
  12. I like the beige...very cute!