Guy bag in mono??

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  1. I want to get my husband a "Satchel" for Christmas. I loved the Mick MM but he wants a Mono bag.. What do you recommend??? He carry's a IPad and files at work.. Please help!!
  2. That's a very nice line. Thank you.
  3. No problem :P
    Had to leave my comfort zone though! I'm not fond of mono LOL
  4. I would get him a mono Macassar PDV or PDV GM - more biz like if he's using the bag for work. I'm a guy and I own the GM and love it!
  5. Trotteur Beaubourg. Mono. Big enough for an iPad. Almost no vachetta. I love mine.
  6. Thank you for all the great ideas! ;)
  7. Do they have the Graphite Daniel available in Mono Canvas?
  8. To each his own ;)
  9. Doesn't look like it. Dang, I wish they did... What a great bag!
  10. Indeed :cool:
    The canvas bags are incredibly rugged though ! My speedy is great at surviving inclement weather :graucho:
  11. It's certainly not a satchel but the Macassar keepall 45 is nothing short of stunning
  12. :yes: I love the Daniel. I've seen some guys rock the Mono Keepall 45 & 50 quite well; but would that be too big for a day bag for your DH?
  13. i like the look of the daniel, but there was something about the strap that made me steer away from it. its a material that looks like it might pull over time; i like the more nylon-y straps that are coated. (not really sure how to describe it).. as for the keepalls, i use my graphite 45 with strap as a day bag. it kind of folds in on itself a little when its not full, making it smaller. its great for carrying a couple toiletries, gym clothes, and essentials. plus it can be doubled as a travel bag. the 45 is macassar is so gorgeous. i just got the graphite because i felt it was a bit more understated (which tends to be my taste)
  14. I love the Graphite Canvas :cloud9: just makes me wish they'd release a lady's Speedy in Graphite too.