Guusto at Nordstroms Rack

  1. NR San Diego today had a Guusto in dark blue...think it was Baaca (sp?) but I'm not positive. Price was $197.
  2. OMG. I paid so much more for mine! Do you have a phone number?
  3. If you go on Nordstroms website they have a place where you can search for stores. You can narrow your search to Rack stores and then look for the one in San Diego (Mission Valley). Good luck. If you think you are interested I can try to find a picture and show you whiche one it was...I have a feeling it was a store return because it was the only one.
  4. wow that's an amazing price! was it this bag? [​IMG]
  5. I called the SAN Nordstrom Rack on Saturday speaking with a SA by the name of Maria. She told me that she had a blue Gustto Baca but added that it wasn't in the best condition. I didn't ask her if there was more than one blue one...there might possibly have been. Having had a bad experience with NR months ago when buying a Chloe bag "sight unseen", I wasn't willing to chance it again.
  6. thanks for the info bagachondriac!
  7. I think it was a Baca but I'm not that familiar with these bags. I know they are nice and soft and many people love them (that's what I posted this) but this style is too unstructured for me and I also a bag with prefer outside pockets. I picked it up and looked at it. I noticed that i was not stuffed with paper to give it shape and the gold lining was kind of swimming around in there. But I didn't notice any damage or dirt on the outside. It was a dark blue, almost navy and too shapeless for me. The straps were long enough to go over the shoulder. I don't remember the bag having the ring on it like in the picture you posted...but if Baca is the only one that is shaped like this and kind of medium to large sized then I guess that's what it was.
  8. Oh no you have me worried. I ordered a chloe from NR last week. It hasn't arrived yet. What was your bad experience out of curiosity?:sweatdrop:
  9. The bacas are so pretty. That's too bad about the less than perfect condition though.
  10. DARN I forgot to hit the RAck on Sunday,w as soo busy t Khls for Vera Wang and then looking at Nordies' shoes:sad: