gutted , just lost my 5/5 for description

  1. I am really upset , down to 4.8 yellow stars and the buyer didn't even tell me there was anything wrong ! Just left a positive feedback and said no comment . I feel like leaving a neutral for non comms . :confused1: I know its stupid but I am really gutted .
  2. I am really sorry... but, to be honest, I don't even really use or pay attention to those stars that much. Some friends and I were talking about it and they said it just wasn't something they fooled with it either.
  3. that's too bad, but like Shopstomuch, i don't pay attention to the stars either. when buying on eBay, i just look at the 1) feedback rating and 2) the number of feedbacks. if they have less than 99% feedback I use toolhaus to look for the comments for any negative feedbacks.
  4. I don't put much stock in the stars either. Most of my winners are out of country and even though the postmark will show I ALWAYS send within 2 business days of payment, I get dinged because of the time it takes to travel to another country. I don't think that is fair to me as I believe a shipping time within 2 days after payment is good, I still get dinged.
  5. Don't pay attention to the stars, not of the rest of us do!
  6. Maybe I'm the only one, but I do look at the stars, but only for a seller with lots of feedback. If the seller has say 1000 feedback, and the "items as described" column has only like 3 stars, that means quite a significant number of buyers thought the items weren't as described. That might make me not shop there. BUT, you can only do that with a high feedback seller. For someone like you who only has a small number of sales, I certainly wouldn't judge you by your stars:smile:
  7. See, that's why I don't pay attention a lot of times, the star number can get distorted and ppl's perceptions of what is "fast" shipping can be all over the place. I ship w/in 2 days of rec'ing payment yet if the post office is slow then it will reflect on my star rating. I really only pay attention to the feedback rating and as others said, if lower than 99.0 or so I do check into what has been left, how long it has been, and the person who left it.
  8. I wouldn't worry too much, the star concept is flawed at best. What about a star system for buyers? Now THAT would be useful. I wouldn't worry about it. I will probably hit 800 FB this week and 100% positive feedback, but I don't have a "perfect 5-star" rating. Seriously, it truly doesn't mean anything.
  9. I pay attention to the stars....AFTER the feedback. I would only be turned away if the description star was below a 4. If you sell used items your "mint condition" may not meet the standards of another persons "mint condition", so I always think about that as well.
  10. I wouldn't worry too much about the stars either. I used to be concerned about them, but I am pretty sure I always get dinged on the shipping charges star. I ship a lot of items internationally, and all of them now ship EMS, which can be expensive. The actual shipping cost prints on the customs form and I never charge much more than $3.00 for handling and packaging costs. I'm sure the buyers are dinging me even though I can't control how much USPS charges to ship something to them. So, I've just chalked it up to being something I can't really control. When I buy something I rarely look at the stars unless they are a REALLY low rating, then I wonder.
  11. I likewise barely look at the stars, and I certainly wouldn't distinguish between 4.8 stars vs. 5 stars. I would pay attention if it's below a 4, maybe, but anything over that is all the same to me!
  12. thanks , it has made me relax a bit , they must have put me right down on the description to lose so much but no contact ! Its the not telling me first that doesn't help . How can you do anything if you don't know .
  13. I wouldn't worry about stars....especially 4.8!!!! I have perfect stars except on my shipping fees....yea I charge high because I include full insurance AND I still end up paying out of pocket a lot of the time!
  14. Ugh- I HATE the star system! How can I have a 4.9 communication score when I always reply within a couple hours from 4-10pm and no more than a day at most? I've never ignored a single question, no matter how stupid.
  15. ^^I have a 4.8, I contact them when the item ends, then again when payment is received-to let them know I got it and the day their item will ship, and again when item ships-I contact them with the DC #.

    Go figure!