Gutted!!! - Bag damaged

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  1. indeed, they've since refunded my online transaction back to my debit card but yet refused to let me keep the original bag at a reduced price!!

    Madness! lol :lol:
  2. Hope you manage to get things sorted. Selfridges customer services are appalling I ordered a watch from them in the summer but apparently it was out of stock due to a computer glitch but they still took the payment. It took me a month with countless emails & phone calls to get them to refund my payment. I didn't even get a decent apology let alone any compensation!! It went on for so long that I was just glad to get my refund in the end. I have not bought anything from them since & would be very reluctant to purchase anything again in case the same thing happens. The way they treat their customers is disgraceful for such a large reputable company.:tdown:
  3. I spent over half an hour reading the comments on their FB page regarding their customer service! I was horrified at the stories!
    Maybe I should have done some research before ordering, however you think you are safe with a Big name.... sadly not always the case
  4. Me too ! it didn't even occur to me to look at their feedback as I thought that they were such a reputable company & I had previously ordered from them before with no problems. I think that I would have had more luck trying to contact 'Harry Gordon Selfridge' than trying to speak to someone who knew what they were doing in 'Customer Services'. In the end I gave up after being told for the umpteenth time that 'my refund would go through within the next 7 days' & got my refund through the card company who were very helpful. I would usually had ordered a few things for christmas but this experience has really put me off of using them again it's just not worth the hassle. Good Luck !!!
  5. mine is all resolved (I think) lol :tup:

    Just poor Clevercat's to sort now!
  6. It's amazing what you read about these big stores. I can't believe how they can carry on getting away with it. I had similar problems to yours with Harrods when I ordered online more than once. I even had McQueen scarves turn up without labels and was pretty sure they were fake. :graucho: I wouldn't buy from either store online anymore.

  7. When I worked at a department store we got fake returns all the time once a fake fendi and several fake givenchy bags! Glad I didn't work in handbags lol 😵
  8. So yesterday I refused the parcel, as advised by Selfridges CS
    A couple of hours later, I had an email - the CEO actually read my complaint and has asked someone to resolve it.
    Email stated the way I have been treated is unacceptable and they are investigating. I will get a response/resolution today. Meanwhile, last night another text from Parcel Force saying they will be delivering my Selfridges parcel today, the 11th. At this stage, IDK what's going on. Is there more than one parcel? Will I ever get a refund? Will I even get the promised response from Selfridges today?
    Contrast and compare with QVC. I bought a Christmas tree from them mid-November. This morning it died. A refund was arranged immediately and a courier will be picking up the faulty tree within the next couple of days.
    And that, Selfridges, is what Customer Service means.
  9. oh get you receiving a reply lol
    I hope everything gets sorted today, fingers crossed! :smile:
  10. Well, no call or email as yet. I am sitting here seething...
  11. Still waiting. I have just now had two emails from Selfridges, telling me 'part of' my order is on it's way.
  12. Wow. That is just unacceptable.
  13. I would be spitting feathers. Love your cat btw, what a beauty.:smile:

  14. Oh I am! I've composed yet another stinking email that I'll be sending today...for all the good that will do me.
    And thank you - that's Murphy, my Battersea boy. He is a young man full of cattitude :smile:
  15. no really what I expected to see this morning, I was so hoping this would be resolved

    Trading standards??
    Then ring them and inform them you've opened an official complaint against them
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