Gutted!!! - Bag damaged

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  1. Thank you!
    Just had the generic 'we are looking into your query' response.
    May I ask if you emailed individuals as well as CS?
  2. I emailed the CEO and the head of customer services, didn't even get so much as a delivery receipt but they didn't bounce back....
    Then I hit twitter and it appears things started to move behind the scenes :lol:

    '' customer services head

    '' CEO

    I also emailed the automated email you received and I rang the 0800 number ;)
  3. Oh how funny Paul was around in my days as an Area Sales Manager! Not that he would remember me...
    I will wait until tomorrow morning before forwarding the email to both of them and I intend calling and emailing CS every day until this is resolved. I'm not on Facebook or Twitter...I have always preferred to stay under the radar :smile:
    So, so disappointed with Selfridges...
    Thanks for the info, I'll keep you posted!
  4. ;););)
  5. So I called CS again and asked to talk to a manager. This time I kept repeating 'I want an immediate refund'. The moment I said I'd taken advice from Trading Standards I was told a refund would be processed over the next 24 hours and that it should be in my PP account 48 hours after that.
    Again, not holding my breath...
  6. result!!!!! :biggrin:

  7. I really hope so!!!
    And so much for telling me the parcel had been sent out and it was too late to recall. There is no sign at all that it's even left the building. I've spent two days at home, waiting for a non-existent parcel. *sigh*
    I am not convinced this is over yet - won't be able to relax until I see the refund on my PP account. I still find it hard to believe that an organisation as big as Selfridges can get these things so wrong, so many times. And there seems to be nobody accountable, they really could not care less about their customers.
    *steps off soapbox*
  8. Last week I read the reviews on their FB page.....
    If only I'd read them before I ordered, it appears their click and collect service is a joke, you click, and when you go as instructed it seems there is never anything to collect!!!!

    lets just say their customer service department has room for improvement, a lot of room! :lol:
  9. :cursing::cursing::cursing: Called Selfridges this morning to check my order is cancelled and a refund is being processed - only to find the order is still in progress and no note at all of any refund request. I have just sent another email to CS, the CS manager and the CEO but at this point think I can wave goodbye to my £200
    I wonder if PayPal would be able to help...
  10. I think the time has come for you to ring them and have another hissy fit, a big one!!
    This is unacceptable behaviour :rant:
    Start a dispute through Paypal, you may as well start the ball rolling

  11. Aaannnnnd I've just had a text from Parcel Force to say my parcel is being delivered today. I give up. I will send it away and wait for the refund. Again, never ever shopping in Selfridges in the future....
  12. what exactly did you order???
    is it worth keeping it, and trying to get them to offer some compensation for all the hassle?
    if it was part of the 20% off event might would you be better off not cancelling? Just a thought ;)
  13. Longchamp and Tom Ford. TBH it's left such a bad taste I would never be happy using them, so I might as well get a refund. I don't think I have ever been treated this badly as a customer. Gordon Selfridge would be so disappointed...
    Meanwhile I just called to check I had been given the right advice (refusing the parcel) and was told that as 'a gesture of goodwill' they'll refund P&P charges. FTLOG, that store get worse and worse.
  14. TBF you can buy your goods at the store of your choice one you have your refund, it's the customer service or lack of it which sticks in your throat.

    They originally offered me, as a gesture of goodwill, a £30 ecard thing, I told them to keep it :lol:
  15. Oh they are rubbish, aren't they. Seriously, a £30 gift card for all the stress you went through?
    And yay for me I will get my £4.95 P&P refunded. Let's all :party::party::Partyhat::Partyhat::party::party:
    Insert sarcasm smilie >here< :smile:
    I don't understand how they seem happy to lose money through upsetting so many customers.
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