Gutted!!! - Bag damaged

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  1. I splashed out and bought a Bayswater bag.
    It arrived today and I'm devastated as it's damaged!

    It's covered in scratches, the flap is bent and the keys are missing :pout:


    I'm currently on the phone to Selfridges......

  2. That's awful! How can they pack up and send out a damaged bag and expect the customer to be okay with it?!

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  3. it's now been passed onto a supervisor..............

    I am not a happy bunny!!!!
  4. it's quite obviously been grabbed off the display on the shop floor

  5. Fingers crossed you can get this sorted and have a prefect replacement bag sent out!

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  6. It wouldn't have keys as the padlocks are self closing on the recent models.
  7. oh I wasn't aware of that, thanks.

    I'm not happy either with the response from Selfridges
    I can keep the bag??? Really? They don't give discounts said their manager
    Or I can send it back for them to send to Mulberry to inspect?????
    What's Mulberry got to do with it??? I bought the bag from them, not Mulberry, they are the retailer! :rtr:

    The bag has been damaged on their premises, oh I give up!!!
    I'm obviously not destined to have this bag
  8. [​IMG]





  9. A couple of years ago I received a very squashed bayswater from selfridges, plus I've had bags delivered from them with no dust bag. At peak times like now their service goes down badly, they'll sell things that are out of stock and the staff (probably temporary) have no respect for expensive items and will crush them into a box just to complete an order.
    This is not something Mulberry should deal with, I would use facebook, twitter etc to keep complaining until you get an acceptable response. It took me 3 days to get an escalation last time, so good luck.
  10. I'm so upset.......
    I run an online business myself so I know things can get damaged in transit but this has been packed damaged
  11. That's terrible. I complained to selfridges once after my parcel had been packed awful. The perfume boxes were all dented and squashed in. I returned it and took my money elsewhere. Hope you get this resolved.
  12. That is absolutely shocking - hope they sort this out for you quickly
  13. I'm a bit p***** off TBH
    The manager was VERY unhelpful, so they've got my money, I've got no bag and have to wait for them to consult their Mulberry person to inspect it before I get a refund or a replacement

    I'm very sad :crybaby:
  14. Wow!! Those pics make me want to cry for you!!!

    This poor bag looks as if its been kicked around the room before being boxed up.

    I cannot believe this was sent out in such terrible condition.

    Do not give up and do NOT let them fob you off with the "send it Mulberry" crap. They sold you the bag and it is their responsibility to put it right.

    I'd be straight down there, standing in the middle of the shop, shouting for all to here....

    I did that once when I brought a brand new Alfa GT. It broke down (on the way home!!!) I know I know, its an Alfa, lol... The showroom Manager wanted me to do this that and the other and didn't want to take any responsibility. Wouldn't take my calls etc.

    Therefore, I decided to go to the showroom the following Saturday and inform all the potential buyers (at the top of my voice), exactly what would happen if they spent their cash on one of these cars. The Manager came out as squick as a flash and within minutes promises were made to have the issues solved and free services for life were offered.

    They will try anything to wriggle out of helping, and sometimes the only way to make these Companies listen is to go into the store and start complaining at the top of your voice about the lack of service, the poor quality bags and trading standards..... You watch how quickly management will be queueing up to assist you.

    Don't get depressed about this. It is their fault, it is not karma telling you not to have the bag. It is Selfridges for being numpties....
  15. ah thanks Fluffybee, I'm eating chips from the chip shop to compensate, hell in a handbasket and all that lol

    I'm going to stick the photos on their FB, if nothing else it will make me feel better lol

    Sadly they are down south, and I'm way "up north"
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