Gustto's Excellent Customer Service!

  1. I have to say.. Gustto has pretty awesome customer service.

    I received a large Baca that I didn't buy from Gustto direct, and there was no dustbag with the bag!

    I emailed them asking if it was possible to buy a Gustto dustbag, and I got a great response saying that they would UPS me one today!!

    Great!!! :yahoo:
  2. I had a similiar experience aftering buying a blue Baca on eBay.

    I had emailed Gustto asking to purchase the luggage tag for this bag and she sent it to me at no charge.
  3. Same here - I bought a Setela bag on eBay that didn't have the luggage tag or sleeper bag and after speaking with a rep at Gustto, they sent one of each via UPS.

    I don't want to be greedy, but I just bought a rust colored bag (on eBay) that the seller bought at the sample sale. It didn't come with a sleeper, so I as thinking of contacting them to see if I could get one for my new rust bag. Do you think that's being greedy??
  4. Bought a few Bacas on Active Endeavors that are gifts, but didn't come with the Gustto Black Paper hangtag. I called Customer Service, told them they were purchased from an Authorized Dealer on the Web, and they sent me out 4 paper hangtags via UPS as well!

    Very important to know the company is behind you!!!
  5. I agree, they've got amazing CS! I was trying to find a Baca in dark wine, and no one had it. So I called the company, and they directed me in the right spot. Even held the bag for me until the store contacted them! And the bag is AMAZING!
  6. After reading this thread, I wrote Gustto asking to purchase a luggage tag for my petrol baca.

    Next day there is an email from a 'Kristina' with a UPS tracking number, nothing else. It arrived today and is the final touch to my wonderful bread dough bag--their CS is the best!
  7. Wow that's great to hear you guys. Makes me kinda want a Gustto now. hehe
  8. Yes.. Kristina is also the SA who helped me. Awesome girl! :smile:
  9. Hi, I'm not sure where this thread should be, but .... I bought a Setela at Saks on June 10th. The stitching at the cell phone pocket is coming apart as well as around the leather brand, and inside zipper. I'm not hard on my bags, and don't carry anything other than a small clutch, razr, ipod, and lipstick. Do you think customer service at Gustto will help? Saks offered to send out for repair, but I'm not sure of the quality of repair, and should I accept on a bag a little older than a month old. Really need TPF help on this one. Thanks.
  10. Hi...I also have a question about the customer service. I just bought a small Baca bag in gray at the sample sale in NYC last week and went to wear it yesterday only to find that the inside zipper pocket zips open to no pocket. I emailed Gustto's customer service and they said that the policy is that I need to return it to the store I bought it at for a return authorization ... I'm pretty sure that the sample sale will not do anythign to help out in this situation, does anyone have any suggestions? Does Gustto authorize these sample sales? If so, will they accept any responsibilty for this bag? Thank you so much for any help you can give!!
  11. I am positive that Gustto contracts their wares to the Sample Sale. If you purchased it at Clothingline, which I believe is the only current Gustto sample sale company, you probably want to contact them at They don't answer their phone.

    BTW, if you don't mind me asking, what did you pay for this bag? I saw one on Ebay for $325.......
  12. With tax it was $320 so that's not a bad deal..thanks a lot, I emailed them already, hopefully they will respond!!
  13. Wow! What a happy thread. :smile: It's so nice to hear positive things about a company's customer service. I don't own any Gustto (maybe I will soon, though!), but I'd also heard great things about their service before reading this thread. :tup: