Gustto- Which style is good for carrying to work?


Jun 1, 2007
Hi everyone, this is my first time posting on PF :smile:. So, I've been to the sample sale for Gustto in NYC 2x already including today (during my lunchbreaks) and I still cannot decide on which bag to get. I want something that will work for both work and weekends, something that's fun but doesn't look too casual with a business casual outfit. Please help! :biggrin:

I'm really deciding between the Parina & smaller version of the Baca. Thanks everyone!


Nov 28, 2005
ooh i went yesterday during my lunch break too :tup:. i would go for the small bacca, i was touching them yesterday and the leather is so soft and smooshy it's a beautiful thing :rolleyes:. i think it's the perfect practical and functional bag, and it'll look much better once it's full of your stuff :yes:.
Feb 19, 2007
I have two of the small Bacas and love them both.

However, I do not think of them as a business/work bag, they are so slouchy I think of them as casual 'wear with jeans' bags. Someone called them soft lumps of bread dough bags and they are that for certain.

If you need more structure for work I suggest the Parina IF it fits a laptop and manila folders.


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Sep 13, 2006
I think it depends on where you work, what your position is & what your dress code is. I work in the City and am a legal secretary. Our dress code is business casual, so on most days I'm in a long skirt, tank & jacket (kinda "boho chic"!). I've carried both my Baca and my Setela bags to work. The Setela is nice cuz it's big, soft & slouchy and can hold a lot.

When I go to work, I almost always carry a tote bag in addition to my handbag - I use it for carrying my shoes, an umbrella, my dinner/snack, a light jacket/sweater, and papers, folders and other things I need for work. There were some days when I carried my Setela that I didn't need my tote. There's so much room in that bag and it's so easy to carry - it fits nicely on your shoulder too. If I didn't need to bring a change in shoes, I left my tote at home somedays when I used my Setela.

The Baca is an ideal bag for work. Since I almost always carry a tote in addition to my handbag, it was nice having a little bit smaller handbag that didn't add so much weight. Since it is the "bottomless" bag, however, it fit a lot more than other bags its size. Esp if you got it in black, I think the Baca would be totally appropriate for work.

Again, I think it all depends on what you do, where you work and how you dress.


Jan 6, 2006
There is still one Persa bag left on Shopzane in Caramel. It has 2 compartments, is a little larger than the Baca, and looks a tad dressier that the Setela or Baca. It's an amazing bag. You might want to take a look. I'm at work but in the mroning I can post a pic of mine.


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Aug 4, 2006
Hi Ladies~

I too am contemplating the purchase of my very first Gustto bag....the smaller Baca:love:. I was wondering if anyone can tell me how to tell a fake bag from the real deal. Believe it or not, there ARE fake Gustto bags out there, and I know some reputable web boutiques have been caught selling replica bags (perhaps by accident, perhaps not).

It's just hard to know who to trust (besides my gut!).

Any words of wisdom would really help!

TIA :winkiss:


Mar 26, 2007
I recommend the large Parina for work (any color, really, except that weird denim one). It is huge, will fit a laptop if you wanted, will fit a change of shoes, umbrella, files, gym clothes, and look gorgeous at the same time!