Gustto Website Vanished Into Thin Air...

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  1. It's just gone, anyone know what's going on?
  2. Maybe they are updating and took it down....but weird
  3. :shrugs::shrugs::shrugs:Maybe they are receiving too many orders.
  4. wow..I hope they're not going AWOL. I just got another Gustto and its an amazing bag. Just gorgeous.
  5. How strange. :sad:
  6. Hmmmmmm.......that is weird. Haven't heard any news.....
  7. I would hope they are so lucky. I don't know. That's usually not a favorable sign!
  8. My experience with this company has been strange, so this doesn't surprise me. I called a customer service number for bag repair last year, spoke to someone who said they would get back to me, only to find the number disconnected the following week. I went through this several times (with slight variations), so I think it's just an unprofessional company. I do like the bags despite the bad customer service, so I hope it is a technical glitch and not something more serious.
  9. I posted the question on their facebook page, hopefully they'll answer.
  10. duplicate
  11. They never answered but the website has been rearranged. Seems they are adding stuff bc yesterday there were no Gustto bags but today there are 3. Lots of "Miss Gustto" bags and some gorgeous Gustto bracelets!
  12. The website is up and running full speed!

    I puchased a BNWT Gustto Pavia from avelle and it came without a dust bag. I emailed Gustto CS and after a week with no response, I called. Someone will call you back I was told. I called again the next day and I was given someone's cell number to call. I did and now a dustbag is supposed to be en route, YaY!

    If anyone purchased a Gustto bag from the Avelle sale and needs a sleeper, They're $10 plus shipping from Gustto.
  13. I got my dustbag on Friday!
  14. Oooo, I like the bracelets. Pretty!
  15. They charge $10 and shipping for dust bags??! That's a bit insane. Marc Jacobs gladly sent me free dust bags.