Gustto Torlia Update

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  1. [​IMG]

    For those of you who were following my Gustto purchase. I received it and have sent her back.:crybaby:
    I didn't take pictures of it, but it just was not the right color for me at all.
    The bag itself/quality was ok, but honestly for the $$ I sort of expect more.

    To anyone considering ordering it in this color, it is in my opinion very taupe-y, almost with a khaki tint to it. There was very minimal beige to it.
    It just wasn't the bag for me.
    Just thought I'd post for anyone considering this bag.
  2. Well, that's too bad as it looks to be a gorgeous least from the pictures. I had been eyeing it in blue (which is now sold out) but found it to be a bit too costly for me at this time. It seems that some other tpf members had a slight issue with the unsightly lining. Although you were probably disappointed, thanks for sharing your experience. On to search for the perfect taupe bag? Keep us posted...
  3. Oh that's too bad.....BUT another opportunity to go shopping!!
  4. Sorry to hear that you sent it back. Taupe IS a hard colour to do. I only have one purse in this type of colour, and it's a tan/camel type shade which I think I've only used once. Let us know if you find anything!
  5. I had ordered a Torlia in blue from an eBay seller and he couldn't get delivery for a few weeks. As time went by I realized the bag was not as important to me as I had first thought so I cancelled the order.

    Funny how the bloom fades on what we once thought was the perfect bag.

    You will have fun hunting for the next one.
  6. Well, you are all right. Another chance to shop, sooooooo.... b/c of a wonderful TPFer posting in Deals and Steals I was able to get this AMAZING Chloe just last night....

    So it looks like it all turned out for the better. I have not seen this bag IRL, so it's also a gamble, but a very slight one I think!!! I will post pics when it arrives.
  7. I have to say that my Blue Torlia was one of the best bag purchases I've made. I have had so many compliments on it and I find the leather to wear very well. I toted that bag around for over a week and was purposely careless with it, and there is not a spot or scuff on it.
    I love the bag despite the lining. The leather is wonderful and it's a great casual summer bag.

    Truthfully it was probably the bag that drew the most attention and most compliments of any I've had.
  8. ooooh....I LIKE!!!!
  9. beautiful bag! Can't wait to see photos!!!
  10. I understand Lexie, I am really bummed the taupe didn't turn out for well for me. I think the blue might have a completely different appeal and affect- the white also. I'm glad it's worked out for you. Nothing quite like it when a bag surpasses your expectations. My Torlia just wasn't the right bag for me, especially at this time.
    But, again, I'm really happy for you that yours has worked out great!!! Congrats!!!:drinkup:

  11. I felt that way about the Jimmy Choo Ramona. I'd lose sleep nights thinking about how badly I wanted it, and then one day, it suddenly just went away. *poof!* It's funny how that works. Thankfully it happened before I spent that ridiculous amount of cash! :graucho:

  12. So true... Because of that, I am ever so thankful for good return policies (since I do most of my purchasing online). If the attraction fades I can always send it back. Honestly that wasn't the case with this bag though, I was really excited about it and I feel the quality and color just didn't match my expectations. Seeing a bag IRL is everything. At least that's my personal experience.
    With that said, there have been many bags that I have lost my *love* for before I even see it IRL. Oh the fickly nature of handbag lovin'!:graucho:
  13. Sorry to hear it didn't work out for you. I wanted that bag in white but by the time I got the money for it it was sold out already.