Gustto Torlia Alert

  1. I just ordered my Gustto Torlia in Blue on AE. The sorry25 code expired so I used grechen and got 20% off. I was feeling antsy even though I have an eBay person trying to order some from Gustto it may be weeks until I hear if they get it. So I called AE and they told me they ONLY HAVE 2 LEFT in Blue and will not be getting anymore in. They had 3 but I got one of them.
    SO....if you have a hankering for a blue one, I'd grab it now.
  2. Oh, my....I desperately want one but just can't spring for that much on a bag at this time. (feeling quite despondent....) Glad that you were able to get one of the few left and thanks for letting us know.
  3. Has anyone actually seen this bag in person in the stores?? If so, do tell.
  4. I'm buying sight unseen again but I love that Gustto leather and I'm risking it. No doubt, my eBay seller will come through and I'll end up having to sell one on eBay. Only once (with my Botkier Carlton) has he not got a bag I have wanted.
  5. ack!! i want one!!! but i will pass...just bought a lauren merkin bag. i can't wait to see IRL pics of the gustto though.
  6. Lexie, when yours comes, probably before mine, please post photos so we all can see. *s