Gustto syle help!

  1. Anyone familiar with this bag? I just got it at the Gustto sample sale...does it have a name? Thanks.
  2. I am obviously a little technologically do you upload the pic? Thanks.
  3. I think you have to upload it to a host (like Flikr/Photobucket) and then upload the link...
  4. I am still trying to post this bag I need help with...
  5. have you bigger photo?
  6. file direct from my computer will not allow me to increase the size. It looks a little like a modified hobo if you will...or a shoulder bag. The other side of the bag has a leather patch that reads Gustto...any ideas?
  7. Maybe try googleing gustto styles and see if you can find a better pic of it we can see larger

    Also if you go 2 the site for the sample sale sometimes they have pics (go to past sale) from when the gustto one started it sometimes says the styles they have and usually has pics too....
  8. are brilliant. Yes, I found it is the Luga...unfortunately I am on a ban and can not keep it so am selling it. Many thanks for all your help.