Gustto Solba

  1. Anyone have one that can comment on the size. Can it hold a bit or is it too small? I've always liked the look of it.

  2. Hi Lexie!

    I have this bag, and it is fantastic! It is definitely great as a shoulder bag, with comfortable shoulder straps, but short enough to be handheld, as she is doing in the picture. As far as storage is concerned, it is OK. I think the dimensions are 13 (L), 10 (H) and 5 (w). It is not small, but not overly large. I don't carry a million things with me, so it is just great for my needs.
    There are also four pouch pockets, 2 in the front of the bag, and 2 in the rear. The zippered pockets are just for show.....

    Hope this answers your questions!!!! Bonnie
  3. That's a really good looking bag!!
  4. Thanks guys. And gave me all the info I need. Are any of the outter pockets big enough for a cell phone and a set of keys? The bag seems like just the right size for me.
  5. Just wanted to let you know I found one on eBay and won it tonight. 255.00!!! I'm happy and I had several emails with the seller since she only has 12 feedback. The bag might have gone higher if it had been titled differently. It was the Gustto Bag and Solba wasn't mentioned. Hope I'll like this bag. I have the Baca and the Persa and this is the only other Gustto that has really stuck in my mind as a "must have it" bag.
  6. Congrats! I think my next bag may be a Gustto.