gustto small baca from saks-a good deal?

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  1. hi all-

    i was at Saks yesterday on my lunch break and found a gustto small baca in charcoal on the sale table. i am not familiar with this brand, but purchased the bag on an impulse as i fell in love with it instantly! if anyone is familiar with this designer or bag, could you tell me if the $208 i paid was a good price. i hate paying retail, and the original price of the bag was torn off (must have been a return?)

    thanks in advance for any replies!
  2. Fabulous price least IMO! I have three large Gustto Bacas-one of my favorite bags....paid about $300 or so for each one. Two, I purchased on eBay and one on NM. If you paid only $208 for the small, then you did quite well!:tup: Post pics and let us know how you like it after you've carried it a time or two.
  3. will do! i might carry it out to dinner tonight so i'll post an update. just out of curiousity, do you know if this designer makes wallets or accessories. i just love the leather and i need a new wallet, too!

    oh, and thanks for the response, bagachondriac!

  4. The Gustto leather is some of the softest I've ever seen. I also have the large Parina in navy and chocolate and am eager to own a Setela. In checking their website, I don't see any wallets...never seen any IRL either. Check out the Setela bags...WOO WOO!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::tup::yes::drool::drool::drool: Can't wait to see your pics....I've always wanted a black Baca, but because I own the black Mike & Chris Berkeley (very similar in style IMO), I haven't bought one.
  5. I have the baca in the cognac color and love it! You got a gorgeous bag at the best price possible. I think that's the lowest price point for that bag (I've seen it at that price once or twice before but never lower). Congrats on your purchase.
  6. oh, the original price is $695 for the smaller baca (which I think is called the medium)
  7. wow, that sounds like an AWESOME deal to me! congrats!
  8. GUSTTO bacas are awesome! I own the small and its my fave everyday bag!
  9. I was a Kooba girl and have since almost gotten rid of them and replaced them all with Gustto. Several Baca, a few Parina and have also got a couple Setela. IMO these are the most wonderful leather. Which Nordies were you at? I wish they had these at Saks Off %th or NM Last Call....
  10. you recall seeing more bacas or even Setelas on sale at Saks? Which store did you buy it from?
  11. That is an amazing deal. I have two that I paid over $500 for and I thought that was a good deal! Enjoy it! Charcoal is such a pretty color too. Congrats!
  12. Wow that is a great deal! :woohoo:
  13. Don't you just love the orange...I might just have to cheat on my purse ban for that one!! HEHE! Hey purse...more and more I notice that you and I like the same bags!!
    You have incredible taste my dear!:tup: BTW..what's the status of your Gerard Darel bags?