GUSTTO Setela tote

  1. Anyone have one of these? If so, do you like it?? I just saw it recently online and it looks kinda neat.
  2. Is it just me, or......? Not that I don't like the bag! I think it's cute.
  3. I glanced at your wishlist and saw the Parina tote in wine...I LOVE the look and color of that! Do u know of any sales on it anywhere? The wine color seems hard to find...:heart:
  4. I have the Setela in Caramel and LOVE it! It is much more slouchy than it appears in pics- the leather is delicious...
  5. It's at Active Endeavors and although it's not on sale, you can get 25% off with the code "apologies". Hope that helps!
  6. I loved the look of this bag so I ordered it in dark wine and it was gorgeous BUT ENORMOUS!!! It slouched quite a bit, but my 2 year old could fit in it. It looked ridiculous on me (I'm 5'4") so I sent it back. I got a medium in espresso instead and this size is perfect for me. They have medium setelas on sale right now at Shopbop!
  7. thanks for the tip...I'm only 5'2"!!! The bag would be bigger than me! lol
  8. The more I see the medium Setela in dark wine, the more I like it. Hmm...which to choose...medium Parina...medium Setela..., doesn't matter, I'm banned anyway for the time being. :crybaby:
  9. hmmm...from a pic I saw the medium Parina looks kind of small, but the large looks too much does the medium Parina hold?
  10. Not sure. I've never seen the medium IRL. I did try on a large and it was HUGE. Way too big and I'm 5'6" was so wide I felt like I could wrap it around me. The large Setela is enormous, too. I think the medium Setela holds more than the Parina. The Parina seems more flat. Is there any one out there with either of these who could give us some first-hand advice?