Gustto Scella city

  1. Advice please - a number of you recommended Gustto to me for soft slouchy leather bags... again, I have never seen them in person and have never bought a bag for more than a hundred dollars. That being said, I can get the Gustto scella city in apricot for under $349 minus 30% from revolve. It was the least expensive Gustto but I liked it. It doesn't look as slouchy though. Does anyone know this bag? Recommended? Please guide me. Thanks!
  2. I think the Scella is one of Gustto's earlier designs, and I don't think it's made of the same kind of leather as the Baca, Setela and other newer styles.

    Have you looked on eBay recently? There are a lot of Gustto bags listed right now, and some of them are listed at pretty fantastic prices. In fact, ladysalesrep has one listed right now that was brand new when she bought it a few weeks ago, and I think her description says she only carried it once. That bag is made from the same kind of leather as the Baca, Setela & other styles, and might be a better choice for a soft, slouchy bag than the Scella.

    There's also a White Molia listed that's even less - it looks brand new, altho the seller says it may have been carried (it was a store return). That bag is bigger than the Luga salesrep has listed and is also made of the same kind of leather.

    I've also noticed quite a few setelas and big baca's listed right now at more than half price. If you're registered on eBay, you should definitely check out all the Gustto listings. I think you'd be much happier than with the Scella from Revolve. I don't think that's a soft, slouchy bag.
  3. thanks for your help.