Gustto Sample Sale - NYC

  1. Who: Gustto
    What: Sample sale
    Where: 261 W. 36th St, Fl 2
    When: 12/18-12/21
  2. Do you know if they do phone orders?
  3. Sadly no phone orders, if I remember correctly. This is the Clothesline Sample Sale and I can't wait. I'm hoping they have the Baca's again. This time I'm getting one no matter the price. I passed on the last one and have regretted it ever since. :yes:

  4. Darn phone orders!!:tdown: I have 2 baca bags and I love them as much as my Mike & Chris Berkeley bags!! I'm envious as I wanted a black baca.

    OMG...I forgot...I have 3 baca bags. I bought the winter white/black patent from NM several weeks ago. Gorgeous!!!