Gustto Sale

  1. Hi everyone
    Just received the email about a Gustto sale on Sept 18-20 at:

    261 W. 36th Street – 2nd Floor
    (betw. 7th & 8th Ave)
    New York, NY 10018

    10am-7pm on Tues & Thur
    10am-6pm on Wed
  2. t4p! any idea about what percentage will be marked off?
  3. I remember many of the bags like the Setelas were $225 & I think that the Bacas were $275. I don't know how much percentage off of the original prices that is but it's a great sale.:tup:
  4. I got a Solba for $250 and a small Parina for $225 at the last sale. They usually have a good selection and do further markdowns as the sale progresses.
  5. ^^
    Some of the bags were marked down to $195 towards the end of the sale!
  6. Just a couple more days & here is more info via email from seller:
    "Gustto - great selection available. We are also expecting a new shipment of over 600 bags Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning. This shipment will include small and large Baca bags in black, charcoal, cognac, brown, tobacco, navy, caramel & beige, other new styles and additional colors of the Setela & Parina bags. "
  7. Wow, that sounds amazing.

    I hope someone is able to report back!
  8. oooh how i wish i wish i lived in NY!
  9. Sigh, I wish I lived in NY too!!! I want a Baca sooooo badly!!! :hysteric:
  10. maaan all the NY people get the good sales=( haha share the love once you guys get some! i wish i could grab a setela...
  11. o man i am PSYCHED i am def going to go wed. afternoon and see if the shipment is there! i want another baca, or any of the older style bags!
  12. OH, this SUCKS...why can't I be a New Yorker?????
  13. I'd like to see the Solba bags there...
  14. Does anyone know if they will do charge/sends?
  15. I would love to be able to go as a Baca is still at the top of my most wanted list. Those are great prices, too. But I'm in Cape Cod...too far to go to NY for a purse shopping trip, dang it!