Gustto Persa

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  1. Well, I took the plunge and bought this bag today after founding out there is none left anywhere.
    I saw it on Shopzane but the price at 590 scared me so I searched Google thoroughly and came up with zilch. I called Gustto and they said it is an older bag that is now gone. They have none in their warehouses and won't be issueing more.

    So Shopzane was my only choice and I called them. The lovely manager named Madelene (who is also the model on these bags and clothes) was soo nice. She said they just had the 2 left and they were left over from a earlier reissue this year and she knew they were now discontinued. What a nice Lady. The shop is new and just starting to grow. Take a look if you want super customer care.

    So in short (or rather long) I bit the bullet and bought the bag. I do hope it was worth it.

  2. It looks lovely! - I like how it has double zippers!
    Make sure you post pix when you get them!
    I really like the one you have purchased - the colours are very rich and the whole bag looks smooshy!!
  3. Lexie, this is a little off topic, but I know you highly recommend Lninos...would you advise buying off ebay from them or through ebay? I know they can give a better deal off ebay, but it makes me nervous! I'm interested in some Gustto bags. What do you think?
  4. If it makes you feel any better - I just bought a Kooba Meredith from Lninos off-ebay - it should be here by the end of the week. He is EXTREMELY nice, and communicates often. I never went more than 12 hours w/o a response to my msgs (and I sent a few in the beginning - trying to decide between a Gustto Baca and the Kooba bag!). The other thing is, the turn-around time was much faster than expected. Originally he said the bag would be in within 2-3 weeks - 1 week later, and the bag was ready!

    I have another [ebay] seller that I sometimes use and we always do our transactions off-ebay. You can usually get a better price, because they don't have to worry about all the fees, etc. It's nice to have sellers like that who are willing to work w/you off-ebay. And Lninos comes highly recommended by many members of TPF. I wouldn't worry if I were you.
  5. Cute bag!!! Sounds like a great shopping experience, congrats.
  6. It's really quite different from the Baca, or Torlia, or any of the big spacious bags. I like the fact it has 2 compartments and is a little more structured. The color also had me sold. I don't have a wine colored bag.
    I will be sure to post pics when it comes. I ordered it at 1pm and they sent it out at 4pm. That's pretty good service.
  7. I have bought many many bags from many sellers via ebay but for the most part do them through ebay. There is no protection for you if you get a bad bag or a bad deal. If you are newer to ebay and not well experienced in what you are buying and not sure if the bags you are buying are authentic or not, then I would advice you stick to ebay.

    I'm not even saying that Ebay is the best at "fixing" every bad deal...we all know that Ebay and Paypal have their issues, But it does offer a dispute claim and possible recovery of your money. Ebay is a big crapshoot. But I love it.
  8. It sorta reminds me of a mini Setela - altho I do really like the double zippers. This may be a silly question - do they both open to one compartment, or is it two separate compartments?
  9. :nuts: I just bought one too!!

    I definitely don't need it but have been wanting a Gustto and just not in love with the Baca or the Setela. I got it in caramel.
  10. Beautiful-that wine color looks so rich.
  11. I really like the style of that bag and the leather looks scrumptious. Can't wait to see photos!
  12. iluvmybags and lexie: thanks so much! i feel better now.
  13. I really like it Lexie and the color is just great.
  14. You got the last one Crouner. They had one in wine and one in caramel. The shop doesn't open until 9am I think so I am sure you'll get a receipt in your mail this morning.

    As for the compartments...who knows. I bought this sight unseen and didn't ask questions because I knew I wanted it. I assume it is 2 compartments.
  15. What a great find!