Gustto Patchwork Napoli Tote $337

  1. Okay, bit the bullet and ordered....yes, not scheduled to ship until the first week in March. They will not charge your cc until it ships (at least that's what the customer service rep stated on the phone). Now I have some time to think/ponder over this bag. Have always loved the soft feel of Gustto's and love the color scheme of this bag. Will be my first Gustto!
    Thanks for posting!
  2. This bag was on sale plus 50% off a week ago. the 44 day ship deterred me and it only made it into my cart but never purchased.
  3. Just got an email update from Bloomies that they cancelled my order.....reason: item being discountinued. So, why do they still show it on their website? UGH! Headache.
  4. If they cancel my order I will cry =(